Sanguine – Black Sheep


Review by Martin Stanyer

Label: Odyssey Music Network (EU), The Leaders Group Japan (JP), Red Rock Productions (UK)

Release Date 29th January 2016

Opening track of ‘Blacksheep’ by Sanguine is called ‘Breaking out’, what starts off as a sweet angelic voices literally does breakout into a full grown metal shriek with sonic sounds to accompany. If you’re a fan of metal , then this is for you, it’s a great vocal but that chorus could have been delivered better with more melody.

‘Pretty girl’ starts with a Pantera style riff and is a far superior track that wails, its catchy fun and infectious, this is where Tarrin Kerrey’s vocals are showcased well, it’s brutal from start to finish but enjoyable.

Save Me has a great drum intro by Matt Feld, this again puts more melody at the forefront, a little bit Evanescence a little bit Drowning Pool it’s a great combination, and where the more aggressive vocals do kick in is where it works well, it’s a more clever usage.

Title track ‘Black sheep’ starts with a nice Sabbath meets Korn riff, it’s got a groove, but lacks the power with the more aggressive vocal, it’s like the band are still trying to find the balance and what could be a great song is tarnished slightly, some may enjoy this but it could have been so much better.

‘The Blue’ wow now that is a song and great use of a wonderful voice, this is the point you have a great singer, utilise that sound, she’s a great vocalist and it really works, haunting, beautiful, gentle guitar work, the song writing craft is at its finest here, and the band work, they could have great commercial appeal and should not be scared of doing that, they do have the potential to go all the way.

‘Whole World’ is a great album finisher and these last two songs are what make this band stand out. Whilst I don’t feel the album is consistent if they worked more with the melody they could be brilliant, the harmonies work well, and yes I get the harder rock sound, but lose the screams and you could have the Whole World. A promising band with tons of potential.

7 out of 10 black sheep cover

Track Listing:

  1. Breaking Out
  2. Pretty Girl
  3. Empty
  4. Save Me
  5. Carousel
  6. Breathe Out
  7. Black Sheep
  8. Social Decay
  9. The Blue
  10. Whole World