Royal Republic – Save The Nation


Review by Jack Arkell

(Roadrunner Records)

With their debut record ‘We Are the Royal’,Royal Republic introduced themselves with a swaggering collection of would-be singles, allowing their name to become a familiar if not exactly household one.

A little over a year later and the Swedes are now planning to ‘Save the Nation’. Their methodology is simple; short bursts of rock that survive much longer in the memory banks than they do on record. While they’re still not ready to take themselves too seriously (just listen to some of the lyrics on offer),Roya lRepublic have managed to create a solid second album, following up the excellence of their debut.

To label Royal Republic as a guilty pleasure would be unfair. A lot of their work may be tongue in cheek, but the quartet certainly have a way with a tune. The likes of the title track, ‘Addictive’ and ‘I Don’t Wanna Go Out’ are destined to destroy repeat buttons around the world, and establish themselves as highlights across the 35 minute long record.

‘Punch Drunk Love’ possesses an edge much rawer than anything written by Royal Republic before, indicating that more experimentation may have lifted the album above its predecessor. There’s still plenty to enjoy, but the album as a whole feels like the second part of ‘We Are the Royal’ rather than an improved and evolved follow-up.

That’s not to criticise Adam Grahn and co. too much. It is fairly obvious from the very first listen that the material will lend itself to some highly satisfying live shows, and these guys still seem like potential successors to The Hives’ garage rock throne. If you still haven’t heard Royal Republic, at least give ‘Save the Nation’ a chance to hook you in before you judge them. They may just surprise you.

7 out of 10


    1. Save the Nation
    2. You Ain’t Nobody (Til Someone Hates You)
    3. Be My Baby
    4. Everyone Wants to Be An Astronaut
    5. Make Love Not War
    6. Strangers Friends Lovers Strangers
    7. Addictive
    8. Molotov
    9. Punch Drunk Love
    10. Sailing Man
    11. Let Your Hair Down
    12. Revolutions