Riptide – This Could Be The One


Review by Andy Boden

You would be hard pressed to prepare a handful-of-digits-sized list of decent rock bands originating in Derbyshire. Riptide are looking to start said list off in dramatic style, starting right here with ‘This Could Be The One’.

EP opener is ‘This Could Be The One’, a fast paced, anthemic track that fuses traditional rock song elements with orchestral strings, and delivered with verve and energy. Infectiously catchy and upbeat, the overall result is much like The Enemy, energetic pop-rock without attitude.

‘Undefeated’ changes pace from verse to chorus, but still features plenty of echoey guitar and vocals, building towards a rousing climax. With good structure and balance, this track will be immense live, sure to be a ‘signature’ song if ever there was one.

‘In The End’ is a curiosity, not a ballad, not a ‘love song’, just a slow-paced track that promises plenty but never really takes off. Sure, it culminates in a jangly-guitar symphonic, but it just fails to hit the mark.

If there is a criticism to be levelled, it is that there is an over-reliance on effects and overlaid symphonic. This leaves the sound at times a little messy and convoluted, which is a shame because this detracts from the very obvious song writing talent on hand. That said, if you love your indie-pop-rock and want a big, big sound, then look no further, Riptide will suit you fine!

Rating 7/10