Reds’Cool – Bad Story


Review by Woody

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I can’t say I know any Russian bands so when I clocked that Reds’Cool were from Russia I instantly became dubious of them. Even knowing they are supporting Black Star Riders across Europe didn’t make me any less unsure of them. So I was pleasantly surprised by them on the whole and they were nowhere near the amateur Guns ‘n Roses copycats I had presumed they would be. They actually put me in mind of a Finnish band called Free Spirit (remember them?) in how they blend classic rock guitar riffs and beats with melodic rock sensibilities. Some of the songs show strong blues-era Whitesnake influences which emphasis those classic rock melodic rock hybrid sounds I’m hearing.

Bad Story as a whole has a great rock and roll energy and it makes seeing the band live a really tasty prospect. I’m sure tracks like ‘Bite’, ‘Hey You’, ‘Fooling Myself’, and ‘Bad Bad Story’ will raise the roof in any live arena. ‘Love & Pain’s is a track that is most akin to the aforementioned Free Spirit in style, a mid tempo rocker which builds to an instant and powerful chorus. A track that shows a different side to the band is ‘Confession’ which is an atmospheric mid-tempo track with a cracking chorus which really grabs your attention; I adore the vocals on this track.

What helps make Reds’Cool stand out amongst the current glut of classic rock inspired bands is the extremely talented musicians in the band who have crafted some intriguing and captivating musical moments. I can’t find much information about these guys, so please excuse my ignorance when talking about band members. The strength of their vocalist will definitely help the band in future who can deliver a big pumping chorus but can also just as easily lend his voice to subtle and gentle melodies with his smooth tones. The guitarists are also worth acknowledging for their ability to showcase classic rock style chunky guitar riffs and blend them with melodic licks that hook you into many of the songs.

They are definitely a band that can appease fans of different genre’s and have crossover appeal as they have a strong classic rock vibe but they instil a lot of sweeping melodies and catchy choruses into their songs. Bad Bad Story is Classic Rock with a strong, radio-friendly style. Although I’m really impressed by Reds’Cool I have to state that the album suffers from a few fillers and needs a few more standout tracks that hit you instantly to take them to the next level. All the musicians here are very accomplished and that makes me very keen to hear more from them and especially catch them live.

Redscool_print.cdr7 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Bite
  2. Hey You
  3. Confession
  4. Love & Pain
  5. Feel You
  6. Upside Down
  7. You Must Go
  8. Fooling Myself
  9. Bad Bad Story