Puppet Kings – Very Cool And Groovy EP


A thrilling glimpse of what might be

Self released on 1 August 2017 and reviewed by Gary Cordwell

You may know the Puppet Kings. Or you may not. But you get the feeling that sometime very soon you will. This, ‘Very Cool And Groovy’, their new EP, is the sound of a band hitting their stride, finding their sound. The Brighton trio put their foot down from the off and just get better as they go.

‘Wanderlust’ flies straight into a classy biker riff. The vocals are youthful and heartfelt and the riff veers between Metallica and prime grunge. ‘Taurus’ picks up the pace, a thrashy riff playfully flirting with a powerchord chorus. The fluid guitar work holds your attention with ease. Songs kind of stay on their tracks, not deviating far from their trajectory, but when the songs are this strong that’s just fine.

A Donald Trump sample piques your interest and the band kick into the bluesy hard rock riffery of ‘Rich And White’ – the high point of the EP and the track that really grabs you by the scruff of the neck and take notice. It thrillingly sets out their stall, showing you what these boys are capable of. It’s rousing anti- Orange One revolution rock. It has more bite than what has come before and, unless you wear a swastika on your y-fronts, you’ll be in the Puppet Kings corner.

Having won you over they hit another power groove for ‘Other Side’. There’s a nice line in melody and a dazzling, lyrical Page-esque solo…which spins off into a final heads-down riff out. So, there we go, you’re definitely left wanting more. Ok, the production might be a tad airbrushed but the band have undeniable talent. A smidgen more bite and abandon and whatever comes next should propel The Puppet Kings into the limelight.



TPuppet-Kings-Cover-Artwork-1040x1040rack list:

  1. Wanderlust
  2. Taurus
  3. Rich And White
  4. Other Side