Promethium – Faces Of War


A Metal concept album – what could possibly go wrong?

Reviewed by Dean Pedley and released by Load4 Records 16 March 2018

Album number three from Lancaster based modern metallers Promethium finds them dipping their toes into the world of the concept album and the end result certainly proves satisfying on the ears. Concepts and Metal have not always proven to be easy bedfellows but with Faces of War – even if not following a fully-fledged linear narrative – there are numerous recurring themes concerning war, conflict, military and the sights and sounds of the battlefield which evidences Promethium’s  growing confidence and maturity as songwriters.

With thick grooves and rampaging riffs ‘Enemies Fate’ is the opening statement of intent that makes for a righteous stomper driven along by a sense of urgency, setting the mood for much of what is to follow. The twin guitar assault of Dan Lovett-Horn and Rossi complement each other well and vocalist Steve Graham has the lungs to make a strong impression against the backdrop of organised chaos. The lyrical references range from PTSD to military imposters and the impact war has on the ones who are left behind, and subsequent tracks such as ‘P.O.W’, ‘Shell Shock’ and ‘Stolen Valour’ prove to be just as punishing and brutal and yet no less intricate with interlocking guitar lines and an undercurrent of boiling tension provided by the rhythm section of bassist Henry Greenwood and drummer Kevin Yates.

Barry Mills, vocalist for fellow Lancastrians Massive Wagons, is on board to add his not inconsiderable vocal prowess to the mighty ‘20,21,15’ which refers back to the use of the first atomic bombs and is another song with a menacing arrangement. Whilst Promethium are undoubtedly fans of the old school classic Metal bands, their dense and complex sound is very much one for the 21st Century. They have come up with a real winner here in Faces of War that deserves to see them heard by a wider audience.

Promethium – Faces Of WarTrack List:

  1. Enemies Fate
  2. Declaration
  3. O.W
  4. Shell Shock
  5. 20,21,15
  6. Turncoat
  7. Stolen Valour
  8. Final Solution
  9. Kill On Demand
  10. Faces Of War