Power Trip – Nightmare Logic


And the dreams that haunt you will one day make sense. Probably…

Released on 24 February 2017 through Southern Lord and reviewed by Jason Guest

This is the first I’ve heard of Power Trip. And while my head be hung in shame, my soul doth dwell in darkness, for now I knoweth what the years since Power Trip’s injection into the world (2008) have been bereft of. And lo it stareth me down and condemn me to eternal bliss in the knowledge that the rest of my darkened days shall not be as dark as they mighteth haveth beeneth. When thrash doth explode in a colossal burst of raw brutality and battle-like rage, out of the debris and plumes of leaden smoke doth arise Nightmare Logic.

No bullshit. All aggression. From end to end, this is an unabating attack on all the things thrash has attacked since its 80s naissance: drugs, corporate corruption, religion, politics, the unlived life, and anything that deserves the middle finger. Vocalist Riley Gale’s scathing barks are venomous. He’s no singer. Thankfully. Who’d choose to sing over this? And riffs! Oh, do they have riffs! From down and dirty grooves through chunky chugs and murderous palm-muted breakdowns to full-on, face-fucking fists of fury comin’ atcha at thrash-metal-miles-per-fucking-hour, Power Trip are heavy – heavy! – with a capital holy-shit-that’s-heavy! This is heavy, geddit?

An eight-track raging slab of head-banging, neck-ouching, back-creaking, body-slamming, testicle-twisting, horns-alofting, middle-fingering (not sure if one hand does one while the other does the other or if you alternate between the horns and the finger – you can figure it out for yourself), funny-bone-tickling, ear-drum-destroying, rage-venting ferocity, Nightmare Logic’s thirty two minutes is intense. And with a solid production that ensures the drums drill as they kill, the guitars grunt as they grind and the vocals fill the air with a noxious malevolence, no one here gets out alive. Buy it. Nightmare or not, you know it makes sense.

Power Trip – Nightmare Logic9 out of 10

Track list:

  1. Soul Sacrifice
  2. Executioner’s Tax
  3. Firing Squad
  4. Nightmare Logic
  5. Waiting Around To Die
  6. Ruination
  7. If Not Us Then Who?
  8. Crucifixation



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