Popular Birmingham Venue Re-Launches


_DSC4144Scruffy Murphys undergo’s refurb and clinches huge sponsorship deal

Iconic Brummie pub Scruffy Murphys has long been a focal point for the Birmingham rock and metal scene, but in recent times uncertainty and lack of investment saw it take a slow decline in popularity, but thankfully this great music venue has been given a new lease of life.
With a new ownership and management team now firmly in place, the much needed improvements and updates have brought the bar back from the brink and it looks set to once again play an important part in the local rock and metal scene.
Regulars would have noticed small changes over the past few months, but this past week saw a flurry of activity in readiness for this weekends official re-launch. But don’t worry, the changes in the bar are mainly cosmetic with new wall decor and artwork, new lighting and a more open feel. The old Scruffys vibe is still there, with the bar retaining it’s familiar wooden bar, tables and seating, even the wooden floorboards have been retained, but given a spruce up!

Main bar area
The two major changes that have taken this old girl to another level are the gig room and the outside entrance area. As you arrive now you will immediately notice that the steps at the front entrance have gone and been replaced by a outdoor seating area and the whole frontage has been repainted, it looks great now.

New outdoor seating area
Some people will have already seen the new layout in the downstairs bar, but this was my first look at what has been done to improve the gig room. And you can see that the new team are serious about continuing to support the local music scene with a lot of time, effort and money spent on this key part of the venue.

New gig room
The stage area is now the full width of the room, and with new light and sound systems, the room is looking like a proper gig room at last! Some of the seating has been taken out, a red and black paint scheme and the bar revamped, yes the bar will be open during gigs!! One of the key things behind these major improvements has been the deal the owners have struck with legendary brewers Anheuser Busch to sponsor this room under the Budweiser brand, a UK exclusive.

The Budweiser Stage
Other improvements include an overhaul of the toilets and the kitchen has been re-opened so food will be available. All in all the new team have done a fantastic job in breathing new life into this important part of Birmingham’s music heritage, now it’s down to you the punters to go out and support the scene!

Happy Punters!
The official re-launch is Saturday 13th May, so come and join the party! There will be lots going on in the main bar and downstairs Birmingham Live Bands present, Secrets of Mariana, Pörk, Kryptic Menticide, Temple Black and WAVE https://www.facebook.com/events/181…