Pigs – You Ruin Everything


Review by Jason Guest

In 2008, drummer Jim Paradise (Player’s Club, Freshkills, Hellno) and vocalist/guitarist Dave Curran (bassist for Unsane) started bashing out songs under the mucky moniker, Pigs. Why Pigs? Because they “figured it was short enough that press and promoters couldn’t fuck it up.” Nuff said. In search of a bassist for a few shows, producer Andrew Schneider (Cave In, Converge, Made Out of Babies, Unsane, Keelhaul) filled in and then – ye gods, as if bassists aren’t nuisance enough! – he refused to leave the band. But given how good You Ruin Everything is, I wouldn’t want to leave the band either.

The Brooklyn band’s debut full length is the fight that you won’t find on pay-per-view. This is the stuff of underground bare-knuckle boxing where everyone from the underdog to the ruling champion is in for a battering and is prepared to fight dirtier than, well, pigs (I know, allegedly they’re clean animals, but rolling in shit? C’mon.). The guitars slam, crash, collide, and wrap themselves like tightening barbed wire around the colossal drums. The bass growls and snarls beneath the discordance and mangled melodies and the throat-torn vocals spew out unremittingly savage diatribes against everything that has been ruined. Ruthless, remorseless, and merciless at every turn, the ire of You Ruin Everything is what drove Oedipus to kill his father and fuck his mother. It’s their fault, all of it, absolutely everything. And there are people out there still fucking it up! And so here are eleven big fat ‘Fuck you!’s, gift-wrapped in gasoline, primed and ready to detonate upon even the most cursory of glances. Like Disney, Coca Cola and McDonalds, Pigs’ shit is for everyone, democratically and indiscriminately dished out, everyone getting the same quantity and quality of beating, the difference being, of course, that You Ruin Everything actually has quality. Eleven lethal doses of disdain in forty five minutes, judge, jury, and tooled-up executioner, Pigs hard hitting noise-rock/hardcore punk/sludge metal is more than music. The artwork says it all…

8 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Give It
  2. Whitewash
  3. Massive Operative Error
  4. Drained
  5. Outburst Calendar
  6. Contrition Dilemma
  7. Scrum
  8. Small c Celebrity
  9. Mashantucket
  10. At Least It’s An Ethos Pt.1
  11. At Least It’s An Ethos Pt.2