Pegasus Epitaph – The Story of the Legendary Rock Band Love (Book)


Reviewed by Dean Pedley

Pegasus Epitaph remains the only insiders account of the story of Love and Arthur Lee and this revised edition (published last month via Extradition / Cadiz publishing) brings Michael Stuart-Ware’s 2003 memoir up to date including a tribute to Lee’s passing in 2006.

A first hand account of the Summer of Love the reader is transported back to 1967 and the flower power era as the mercurial but stubborn Lee seemingly throws away life and career changing opportunities at every turn. The author is full of praise for the band leader’s talents yet also pulls no punches when tackling the reasons that Love are never lauded in the same way as other greats of the era. Unquestionably Love were one of the seminal bands of the period and Ware is frank in his assessment of both the rock band politics and substance abuse that held them back which makes for a fascinating read.

The lifestyle and environment of the late 60’s is ever present and surely most, if not all, readers will dust off Forever Changes well before they reach the end of the book.