Pathologic Noise – Gore Aberration


Pure, brutal death metal from Brazil that does what it says on the tin…

Review by Jason Guest

Greyhaze Records

Release date: 2 November 2015

Brazil’s Pathologic Noise have been knocking about since 1992, releasing three demos between ’95 and ’01 before their first album, Sodomy and Delight In Flesh, appeared in 2003. And then nothing for twelve years apparently. 2015 and Gore Aberration appears out of nowhere. Or at least out of Grey Haze Records. There’s nothing here that isn’t dripping in blood, chomping on a limb, or ejaculating into the knife-torn orifice of some unsuspecting victim (probably some nubile nymph last heard screaming from behind a dilapidated lodge in the middle of a forest).

Guttural grunts over a gouging groove, frantic and twisted lead breaks, and blooded and pounding riffs, ‘Never Ending Blood n’ Hate’ makes for an impressive opening. The pounding continues with ‘Sexual Murder’, the riffs and the drums grinding away in the depths while the lead work bounces off the walls and the vocals cough up more depraved dirt. Both ‘Pathologic Metal Vision’, with a few tempo and feel changes and an almost black metal shriek for added menace, and ‘Master of Suffering’s down-tempo pummelling see the album shift from what could easily have become a standard brutal death metal album, the lead break in the latter being particularly outstanding. With their flesh-tearing intentions and musical capacities declared, from ‘Bloody Deliriums’ to its close, Gore Abberation mashes track after track to a bloody pulp. The chaotic precision of ‘Lights on the Dark Sky’, the mosh pit-destroying ‘Calling With The Deads’ and the intensity of ‘War Lust (Queen of Carnal Pleasures)’ pile on the hacked up flesh, tepid blood and ground-to-dust bone for an album that does exactly what it says on the tin.

There aren’t any weak tracks here but like most of this ilk, nor do any really stand out. Pure, brutal death metal they say. Pure, brutal death metal I say too and Pathologic Noise certainly live up to their name. Vehement glass-gargling grunts and the occasional black metal vocal chucked in, a drummer that hammers away like a nail gun with the trigger stuck down, and many a discordant, dissonant and destructive riff mangled and strangled out of the guitars (the guitarist has a hand that the deftest of porn aficionados would envy!), like the body parts that line their basement, this is a wretched pile of malodorous filth.

Pathologic Noise – GoreAberration20157 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Never Ending Blood n’ Hate
  2. Sexual Murder
  3. Pathologic Metal Vision
  4. Master of Suffering
  5. Bloody Deliriums
  6. Lights on the Dark Sky
  7. Calling with the Deads
  8. War Lust (Queen of Carnal Pleasures)