New video from Decline The Fall


Following their stellar turn at the Rock The Rock Festival in 2017,  Decline The Fall return with their new video for the track ‘Composing Madness!’ Taken from the band’s upcoming, as yet untitled album, the Maltese metallers have stated they intend for the record to be out before the end of the year.

Decline The Fall frontman John Castiel shed some light about the story behind this throbbing new track: “It’s about dreaming of who you want to be in a world you struggle to identify with, struggling to survive. How mitigating circumstances can wreak havoc with an individual’s mental health. In this video, we wanted to tackle the topic of depression; how it can have a terrible impact, and the depths in which it can plunge a person.”

And as for the eagerly anticipated album, Castiel added: “It’s a dark record, I can tell you that much already. We’re still in the early stages musically, but I really want to tackle the darker aspects life. We view this as a vital record for Decline The Fall, as we’ve made some serious headway in the last year, playing alongside some huge bands from around the world. We feel eyes are on us, and we want to deliver.”


The DTF line-up is completed by drummer Ehren ‘Bunny’ Fenech, guitarists Matthew Mercieca and Kris Farrugia, and bassist Fabio Negro. The quintet formed in 2015 and have since busied themselves in their homeland, as well as across parts of Southern Europe, including Italy and Romania. In 2017, the band shared the stage with such luminaries as Mayhem, Rotting Christ and Lacuna Coil. With big things in store Decline The Fall are preparing to fly the flag for Maltese metal across Europe.