New Model Army @ Rock City, Nottingham – Saturday 13th December 2014


Review & photos by Russ Powney

Fire and brimstone, utter devotion from the anointed, a biblical scene perhaps? Replace the preacher with Justin Sullivan leader and vocalist and it pretty much describes the atmosphere surrounding a New Model Army gig. Arguably less brimstone and fire and more spokesman for a generation, the congregation hanging on his every word, moved to rapture with every chord and drum beat.

New Model Army
New Model Army

New Model Army take their name from the parliamentarian force created during the English Civil War, the first professional army, it was dissolved on the restoration of the monarchy in 1660, a mere fifteen years. Today’s New Model Army have served us since 1980, when a post punk world full of Thatcher and The Tube ( Channel 4 music programme ) made news. Much has changed in that time but Justin and his band of troubadours serve us well, exploring life through music, not following trends but rather finding their own unique path. From the debut Vengeance through to their latest release Between Wine And Blood the journey has been long, fruitful and never uneventful. No stone is left unturned; from ‘No Rest’, ‘Christian Militia’ to future classics such as ‘Angry Planet’ and ‘Stormclouds’ all are aired, all are embraced with joyous fervour.

New Model Army
New Model Army

Tonight finds Rock City packed to its rafters and with it New Model Army are in imperious form. They give us no less then thirty one songs spanning their entire career. Three hours plus, confirming all that we believe. They are our spiritual leaders they are our conscious well being representing every aspect of our lives, expressed through NMA’s singular musical style. An event of meaning and significance. Shoulders are climbed arms stretched out in prayer, every syllable, every word absorbed into our blood.

New Model Army
New Model Army

We are New Model Army, we stand for the people, we stand to serve, we believe in justice and vengeance in equal measure. In this we trust and the world turns, as we drift out echoes of ‘Green and Grey’ fill our hearts. Many more days lie ahead and we must be thankful for New Model Army to stand and protect us.

1. Guessing
2. Rumour & Rapture
3. Christian Militia
4. 1984
5. Red Earth
6. Stormclouds
7. No Rest
8. Knievel
9. Waiting
10. Family
11. Between Dog And Wolf
12. Ballard
13. Someone Like Jesus
14. Into The Wild
15. Orange Tree Roads
16. March In September
17. Devils Bargain
18. A Liberal Education
19. No Mirror No Shadow
20. One Of The Chosen
21. Family Life
22. No Pain
23. Angry Planet
24. Purity
25. Poison Street
26. Wonderful Way To Go.

27. Vagabonds
28. Till The End Of The Day (Kinks cover).
29. 225
30. Vengeance
31. Green and Grey


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