Nervosa – Victim Of Yourself


Review by Mark Granger

Napalm Records

Release Date: 11 March 2014

Although Nervosa refer to their sound as thrash, Victim Of Yourself actually has more in common with the death metal madness of Death’s first two albums and singer/bassist Fernanda Lira even has a vocal style that is alarmingly close to Chuck Schuldiner’s. The album opens with a doomy instrumental piece before the staccato riffing of ‘Twisted Values’ starts the album proper. It’s mix of Lira’s extreme vocal style, 100mph riffs, and drummer Pitchu Ferraz’s incredible drumming sets the tone for the album perfectly. From here on in the album is an all-out metal assault, guitarist Prika Amaral’s riffs are the perfect blend of extreme technicality and groove so it doesn’t lose the casual listener in a flurry of notes.

It’s not all speed however, on ‘Wake Up And Fight’ other influences creep in, the opening riff could have been lifted straight out of Dimebag Darrell’s bag of groove metal tricks and on ‘Justice Be Done’ we’re greeted with a galloping riff that owes as much to Iron Maiden as anyone else. This blending of styles into one ferocious package guarantees that the album avoids the familiar trap of becoming too repetitive that extreme bands often fall into.

That this is Nervosa’s debut album is quite astonishing. The songs on offer here show the kind of musical maturity that often eludes bands of this type on their first outing, more often than not it’s all about showing what they’re made of in terms of speed or technicality. Amaral’s way with a tasteful solo is something that should also be treasured with shades of ex-Megadeth guitarist and all round guitar wiz Marty Friedman showing up all over the songs.

Victim of Yourself is an extremely strong debut album that blends the best bits of thrash and death metal to devastating effect and one that proves Nervosa are a rising force to be reckoned with.

Nervosa – Victim Of Yourself8 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Twisted Values
  3. Justice Be Done
  4. Wake Up And Fight
  5. Nasty Injury
  6. Envious
  7. Morbid Courage
  8. Death!
  9. Into Moshpit
  10. Deep Misery
  11. Victim Of Yourself
  12. Uranio Em Nos