Morpheus Rising – Let The Sleeper Awake


Review by Lisa Nash

Si Wright, Pete Harwood, Damien ‘Daymo’ Sweeting, Andy Smith & Paul ‘Gibbo’ Gibbons make up Yorkshire 5 piece Morpheus Rising. The band refer to themselves as NWOBHM- TNG ( The New Generation), emulating classic British Heavy Metal, with powerful riffs, pounding drums and vocals that soar beyond the atmosphere.

Daylight, Lord of The North, Let the Sleeper Awake, Fear of Nothing, Shades of Grey, Those Who Watch, Fighting Man, Gypsy King, In the End, Quench Your Thirst, Save the Day, Hold On.

These are songs that can be described as a whole, Mythological, Viking and Epic in nature, each a strong contender for favourite track, and yet hard to individualise.

There is the same quality to each, laden with guitar solos and heavy with bass. Nothing stands out, not that in this case this is a bad thing, they are just what they are meant to be, traditional storytelling lyrics without and desire to be fashionable, exciting and they would stand up against the songs of the time they reflect back upon.

Nothing wrong with this album, its not modern, its very 1980’s but for the older rockers this will remind us of good times and for the younger metalheads, this is new & fresh compared to the menu of Nu -Metal and Screamo that has been on offer for so long.

Either way this is good and worth a listen.