Mork – Født Til Å Herske


Norwegian black-metal band Mork who released their latest album Katedralen earlier this year on Peaceville have shared a video for an alternative version of the track ‘Født Til Å Herske’ which features guest vocals from Kampfar’s Dolk.

Mork’s Thomas Eriksen comments: “Født Til Å Herske is about power. A pompous and arrogant power that elevates you above the lesser beings that surrounds you. I create a lot of songs based around sombreness and dark themes, but this track tells you to stand tall and embrace your own and your fellow brothers’ combined strength and anger. I had the privilege of joining forces with Dolk of Kampfar.

“When Dolk and I of course, knew of his great skills in Kampfar but since I hadn’t worked with him before. I didn’t know really what to expect. But when he got down with it and did his thing on ‘Født Til Å Herske’, I was convinced instantly. His parts made the song. Genius.  I am so pleased he could join us for the video and was able to perform at our album release show in Oslo.”

Special guest Dolk adds: “Sometimes new and fresh artists get to pick on the well-established and untouchables bands ego.  It is, then a pure pleasure to be able to join into this force.  Mork is the new force! Like it or hate it. It can still not be stopped. The track ‘Født til å herske’ is not just another Opus in honour of old times. Even though it’s that too.  It’s new, it’s fresh, it’s a reborn new wave of Norwegian black metal!” 

Mork’s latest studio album, Katedralen is undoubtedly their most accomplished work to date, pushing new creative frontiers with a more dynamic approach to the song composition and an expanded breadth to the riffs and melodies, weaving a new masterpiece, that was received to great acclaim by worldwide media and fans alike.

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  • You can order Katedralen on CD, gatefold black vinyl LP and digitally, through Peaceville Records here.