More bands confirmed for Beermageddon


Beermageddon brings you the mighty Bull-Riff Stampede!!

Fresh from laying waste to stages at gigs and festivals throughout 2012 our latest announcement brings Bull-Riff Stampede to Beermageddon with a true metal assault that will take no prisoners.

One of the biggest bands breaking out of the underground metal scene Bull-Riff have been making big waves in the metal world and this is sure to continue in the months leading to Beermageddon 2013…….

Bromsgrove will tremble with the sonic onslaught of Bull-Riff Stampede!!!!

Beermageddon brings you British Blackened Metal with Old Corpse Road!!

Beermageddon supplies the Blackened side encompassing Folklore and Legend as we welcome Old Corpse Road to our hallowed festival stage!!

A dark, brooding and elemental undercurrent gives for an all encompassing atmosphere that allows Old Corpse Road to steal your soul.

With months to go the road to Beermageddon may seem a long and arduous trek, but the reward at the end as you encounter the majesty of Old Corpse Road will be worth every step…….

…. And then your souls belong to Old Corpse Road!!!!

Iron Knights bring Battle to Beermageddon!!

One thing can be sure, the name may be new,but Beermageddon brings you veterans in Metal… Iron Knights!!

Stained with the blood of the fallen, the band you once knew as Stuka Squadron left the battlefield and have now returned prepared for war to continue as Iron Knights.

A new name, a new era, but the bloodshed remains!!

Legend has it, the skies shall darken, and no neck will be safe from the power and the rage of ‘Iron Knights’, they are marching towards Beermageddon and Casualties will be high




Anihilated, Fallen Fate, Bull-Riff Stampede, Old Corpse Road, Iron Knights, MANY MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED!

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