Monster Magnet @ Rock City, Nottingham – Friday 13th February 2015


Review by Clare Pace, photos by Russ Powney

Stoner Rock legends and, fair to say, genre defining band, Monster Magnet, arrive tonight on the back of a busy couple of years, with two new bodies of work in Last Patrol and Milking The Stars: A Re-
Imagining of Last Patrol. Considering we have been waiting eagerly since 2010 and their Mastermind release, we are now being repaid with a band rejuvenated.

Opening with their take on Hawkwind’s incessant groove of ‘The Right Stuff’ and the classic ‘Dopes To Infinity’ played to a swirling psychedelic back drop we know tonight is going to be yet another special Monster Magnet show. Experience has taught Magnet fans that no two shows are the same – no two setlists are the same, and that is part of the joy of the band.

Monster Magnet
Monster Magnet

Monster Magnet’s music live is like a sonic boom, supersonic at times, launching us across the universe, leaving stars and moons in our wake. Frontman Dave Wyndorf typically will wander off mid song, retreating to the dark corners of the stage as the music drives forward taking centre stage; he returns to preach becoming the leader, piloting the ship deeper and deeper into oblivion.

Lead guitarist Garrett Sweeny plays the sidekick to Wyndorf and swaggers as only lead guitarists do, clad in a denim jacket adorned with patches – badges of honour, hard earned and hard fought.

Tonight is a cosmic experience and the immortal introduction “Brothers and Sisters, Mother******s everywhere” heralds the arrival of the one and only ‘Space Lord’. How could it end any other way? Spiritual and enigmatic, the one and only Monster Magnet.

1. The Right Stuff
2. Dopes To Infinity
3. Look To Your Orb For Warning
4. Twin Earth
5. I Live Beyond The Clouds
6. Last Patrol
7. Spine Of God
8. End Of Time
9. Stay Tuned

10. Three Kingfishers
11. Tractor
12. Space Lord


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