Mitch Laddie – Burning Bridges


Review by Rob Stanley

Following on from a cracking first album This Time Around is Mitch Laddie’s second album Burning Bridges which is due for general release on the 12th March

Although TTA is a solid album I felt that it was very much a showcase for Mitch’s unquestionable ability on the fret-board more than anything else, but as soon as you hear the heavy and very meaty bass driven hook from the first track of Burning Bridges you know this is album going to be very different.

I feel it is fair to say that Burning Bridges is a much more commercial offering than TTA and will without question appeal to a much wider audience.  We still have the intense guitar solos that make the hairs on the back of your neck dance around, but on a lesser scale, which for me only makes them much more intense and powerful.   Also with this album we are treated to a much richer and solid sound that not only continues to highlight Mitch’s ability as a guitarist / song writer, but also highlights the ability of the band as well.  With some sublime bass riffs and hooks from Rhian and Lee tying it together with some fast paced skin action, we are now getting to see the complete picture and I quite like it.

As for my previous comment regarding being a much more commercial offering. Whilst sticking to the blues / jazz / format that Mitch is known for we are also seeing another softer side of Mitch with tracks such as ‘Would You’, ‘Gone’ & ‘Give You The World’ which from the vocal point of view and sudden key changes contain essence of Sting in his later years which is a clear sign of how much Mitch has grown and matured since TTA.

Burning Bridges itself is very much laid out as you would a gig set list.  It hits you hard and then eases off then hits you hard again and this format works well.  So well in fact that I’ve been playing this CD pretty much none stop in the office over the last couple of weeks and I can see no reason why this should change in the near future.

Included on the CD is ‘Mr Johnson Revisited’. Now I’m aware that this track is an ongoing project for Mitch and a firm favourite at gigs, but I’m really not sure it has a valid place on the CD.  Maybe it is just me, but I just feel that sometimes it is better to move forward and not try to improve on what is a near perfect song.  Anyone that has not got TTA in their collection will love it, but I personally would have liked to see another new track in its place, but overall this does not detract from what is an excellent CD, it is just a personal preference.

Stand out track for me has to be ‘Give You The World’, lyrically excellent with the chilled out and laid-back feel of Clapton with a hint of Sting.  It doesn’t come much better than this and I look forward to seeing this performed live if for no other reason than the extended guitar solo that I know will find its way in there.

All in all this is an excellent second album from Mitch.  It was never going to be an easy feat to follow up on what was such a good first album, but Mitch has succeeded.  If this is the way Mitch is moving forward then I for one am really looking forward to album number three.

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