Michael Bormann Interview


Questions by Woody

Hi Michael, this is Woody from Midlands Rocks, I hope you are well!

Hey Woody, nice doing this interview with you. I am curious, what questions you´re coming up with.

I know many fans myself included are very excited about seeing you perform at Z Rock. Are you looking forward to coming over and performing?

You bet. I have the greatest memories about the Z Rock shows. We played one show in England and one in Germany, 2001. It was great. I am so happy that I got in touch with Mark again….It was unbelievable. I sent him an email, 20min later I was on the billing….What a great coincidence. We´re all so happy to come over to England.

This will be the first time I see you live, have you ever played the UK before or ever been as a tourist?

As I just mentioned, 11 years ago, Z Rock. On the other hand I´ve been a lotta times in England thru the decades. Recorded with J.R. Blackmore in 1991, in Rockfield. Also with Zeno in 2006. To be honest, I´ve never seen that much of England……But I will come over for some holidays soon. I have so many friends living all over England….

Can you give us any clues as to what songs you may include in your set? Will it be all Bormann solo songs or will there be a possibility of songs from bands you’ve been in also making the set? I have my fingers crossed for a few Jaded Heart tunes especially from ‘Trust’!

Of course I will play a little best of Bormann. That includes Jaded Heart. Or better, it´s a must! I guarantee you, you´re gonna dig it.

What can fans expect from a Michael Bormann live performance?

Pure Rock´n´Roll. You will see, that the band is not on stage because they have to….WE NEED TO, hahaha…

Who will be in the band’s line-up for the Z Rock performance?

The line-up, that stands since 1.5 years now includes,

Andreas Rippelmeier – Guitar
Chris Ivo – Keyboards
Ilker Ersin – Bass
Guido Gallus – Drums
And little ol´ me

Your last solo album was a few years ago now, are you working on any new material or with any other bands or projects?

Yes indeed. I am just finishing the mixes for the 2nd REDRUM album. Right after I will slowly start my new cd. It´s all about the timing as I have other productions in between….The money has to roll, there´s bills to pay. My last cd came out in November 2010….Not so long ago.

From all the bands and songs from your extensive back catalogue what albums or songs are you most proud of?

This always seems to be the hardest question for me…As I have a few and it grows from year to year, or month to month, hahah..  I would say, that my favorite albums are: JH-4, my 1st solo album, Rain-stronger, but it´s hard to say…..I love so many of them. Some albums reflect a very special time in my life. It is not particularly the songwriting. Song wise: Live and let die, Anymore, The best is yet to come, Think twice, Love is magic, Conspiracy, and so on.

Are there any musicians out there you would love to collaborate with in the future?

Yes indeed, I would really love to work with Dan Huff. He´s a great everything, but it´s hard to get in touch with him…..

Do you have any plans for any further live dates in the UK in the future?

Not planned yet, but we spoke about the FIREFEST in 2013. We´ll see. I´d love to. I don´t know why, but I prefer to play abroad.

I look forward to your performance, is there anything else you would like to add or say to Midlands Rocks readers?

You have no clue, how much I (we) am looking forward to Z ROCK! So, I hope it´s gonna be packed. So Midlands Rockers, capture the moment. Let it rock.