Mastodon + Big Business + Krokodil @ Rock City, Nottingham – Monday 1st December 2014


Review by Lulu Davenport, photos by Sean Larkin

Opening with ‘Shatter’, Krokodil presented a five track opening set, with tracks drawn from their debut album, Nachash.  ‘Dead Man’s Path’, ‘Sun Riders’ and ‘Repiltia Familiar’ all display their flamboyant style and are an overkill to the senses. Their short set ends with ‘The Collapse’ which sees Krokodil focusing heavily on deafening thrash and thundering guitar riffs.

Big Business
Big Business

Second band on the bill are duo Big Business this band mean exactly what they say on the tin; attacking the drums like a man possessed, Coady Willis demonstrates pure energy. Sharing the stage is singer / guitarist Jared Warren and the two combine to creates a sound that is not only big business but also a musical explosion. After the initial shock that a duo can match the sound of a whole band there’s the realisation that Coady might actually pass out from exhaustion as the pair perform album their debut album, Battlefields Forever, in its entirety.

Time now for the main event and Atlanta’s finest progressive metal band Mastodon open up with ‘Tread Lightly’; the first track from their new album Once More ‘Round The Sun. Immediately the crowd come alive with moshing sporadically appearing from the front to the back of Rock City.


An extensive six album back catalogue gives the band plenty of material to choose from to perform. However, with the new album to promote, it’s no surprise that their set list draws heavily upon their newest album release, and why not, Once More ‘Round The Sun is a superb album. Older select tracks are picked to blend the new and the familiar in a good mix leaving the setlist fresh and new. The bands complex sound of melody and guitar is mesmerising, unwilling to be labeled or defined yet consistent in its aim. The band put in a solid and passionate performance throughout which helps demonstrate why Mastodon have such a loyal and varied fan base.

1. Tread Lightly
2. Once More Around The Sun
3. Blasteroid
4. Oblivion
5. The Mother Load
6. Chimes At Midnight
7. High Road
8. Aqua Dementia
9. Ole Nessie
10. Halloween
11. Aunt Lisa
12. Divinations
13. Bladecatcher
14. Black Tongue
15. Ember City
16. Megalodon
17. Crystal Skull
18. Blood And Thunder
19. Pendulous Skin


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