Masiro – Technocologist Unknown



Released by the band and to be found on the (virtual) streets on 1 May 2016 and chewed and spewed and then re-heated by Jason “more a visitor but not quite a” Guest

Since Masiro’s release of their 2013 eponymous EP (reviewed here), the genre tag on their Facebook page has changed – thankfully – from that awful appellation “mathcore” to the far more intriguing “math / rock / prog / instrumental / metal”. A wise move on Masiro’s part as “Mathcore” is far from apt. There is much more to this band, and that is represented much more appropriately in their new tag(s). Because there’s an air of calculation and a distinct precision about their music, it could be considered math, yes, but it’s far from cold. Hence the “rock” tag. A band that is technically proficient with a sound that evolves within as well as between tracks (as well as between releases) then the “Prog” tag fits too. “Instrumental”? Well, duh. “Metal”? It’s heavy, it’s loud and it carries that distinct power that metal is renowned for. Boxes ticked.

But there’s more to Masiro than whatever tags you want to stick on them. The tracks are multifaceted entities, each a world of its own and each demonstrating the ever-evolving musical and instrumental capabilities of this outstanding three-piece. Dynamically, texturally, atmospherically, Masiro are a tight unit that play as one. The interplay between the band is remarkable and it’s that unanimity that makes this EP an entertaining and exhilarating experience. It’s always good when the first play of an album or EP gets you moving. Not so much when it’s towards to ‘off’ button perhaps. But when your foot is tapping like a tap dancer with the morning-after shakes within a few seconds, you know you’re on to a good thing. But one that holds the attention throughout and compels repeat plays, well, that’s something special.

Masiro – Technocologist Unknown8 out of 10

Track list:

  1. Technocologist Unknown
  2. Cttl
  3. Miocene Dream
  4. Mediatation
  5. Kpolar, Pt. I
  6. Kpolar, Pt. II