Martiria – R-Evolution


Review by Alan Savill

Rocksector Records

Formed in 1987, Italian band Martiria have undergone various changes in personnel, this latest reincarnation featuring one of the most powerful drummers on the rock scene, Vinny Appice of Dio, Heaven and Hell and Black Sabbath no less. A mix of doom metal, a little classic rock, Black Sabbath influences from the Heaven and Hell era, and a huge serving of European power metal, R-Evolution is a major triumph.

Full of quality tracks, it’s hard to pick any particular favourites, however ‘Southern Skies’ with its slow start building to a majestic ballad is a classic in the making. ‘Tshushima’ again is a slower song with touches of Candlemass with sweeping riffs and thunderous drums. But as well as the tracks, the musicianship, the instrumentation, and attention to detail enhances the album. For one, the opening riff and the Maiden-like gallop of ‘Revolution’ hits the mark, and the keyboards in ‘The Mark of Cain’ work very well, everything on this track being well thought-out and put together, the instruments complimenting each other and the solo sections adding to its composition.

His voice almost operatic, strong throughout, Fabio Cosmo is able to show off his power and range on ‘The Road to Tenochtitlan’, his multi-octave scream powering into another storytelling epic. For a singer to play with someone who has such a strong bond with RJD must be daunting at times but you simply wouldn’t know. What marks Cosmo out is knowing that less is more, his ability to know when to be restrained and when to be more dramatic again having a serious impact on the whole album.

It’s apparent that all the band members have been playing  together for a while and have taken all from their individual experiences and brought it to the band. There’s no weak link here. Andy Menario (guitar and keyboards), Flavio Cosma (vocals), Derek Maniscalco (bass) and Appice, on top form, have all worked together well to forge a very cleverly constructed album. Let’s hope we see them on the road soon.

Martiria - R-evolution9.5 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. King Of Shadows
  2. Steam Power
  3. Southern Seas
  4. Salem
  5. The Road To Tenochtitlan
  6. Grim Reaper
  7. Light Brigade
  8. Dark Angels
  9. Revolution
  10. The Mark Of Cain
  11. The Viol And The Abyss
  12. Across The Mountains
  13. Tsushima



  1. I was lucky enough to get a pre-release copy of this magnificent CD for my birthday back in January and this review certainly doesn’t understate how good this is. Do yourselves a favour and add it to your collection as soon as you can.

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