Malota – The Uninvited Guest (Digital EP)


Some music grabs you instantly and you know you’re in for a good time and that’s certainly the case with Malota and their latest EP The Uninvited Guest. Formed in 2014 Malota are a four very different and distinct characters who pool their talents to create a unique sound that’s simultaneously strange but catchy as hell, and if you need proof just check out this five track EP.

Malota are a pleasing amalgamation of hard rock, stoner, punk and noise-core and the resulting brew is equally vivacious. Of course, playing any type of crossover music can be a risky business; fumble the ball and a band can find themselves in a musical no-man’s-land with no appreciable audience to play to. However, Malota have an organic feel to their sound and this naturalism means that disparate genres rub shoulders effortlessly. With an insanely catchy riff ‘Lampedusa’ gets this EP off to the best possible start and ballsy, high octane rock n’ roll doesn’t get much better than this. Drummer Mariuz is the glue which holds everything together and his hard-hitting style is the equivalent of having a nail hammered into your temple.

With barely a pause for breath the aptly titled ‘Anti-social’ races out of the trap and it’s one-two punch could floor even the hardiest metalhead. Massimo and Alberto prove themselves master alchemists and keeps pulling amazing riffs from their guitars which turns The Uninvited Guest into one long earworm. The Orwellian ‘Ministers Of Fear’ has a hardcore feel yet the mid-section is all space rock and while the two genres may seem diametrically opposed Malota bring them together in perfect harmony. If you like your music with emphasis on the heavy you’ll find a spiritual home here and ‘The Queen, The Lady’ features an earth splitting bass rumble and it’s sure to loosen your fillings.

The Uninvited Guest was recorded in the midst of the global pandemic, and it’s certainly been informed by that whole situation. This is an angry album that seethes with rage and each groove is the musical equivalent of a street fight. The vocals are suitably raw and only add to the feeling of unease and claustrophobia and by the time we reach the final track ‘The Uninvited Guest’ you may be left feeling a little punch drunk. But for all its darkness there’s something very positive and life-affirming about this EP, almost as if the band were using music as therapy and The Uninvited Guest is one you’ll want to hang around for a while.

  • Reviewed by Peter Dennis.
  • The Uninvited Guest is released via Go Down Records and is available now.

Track List:

  1. Lampedusa
  2. Anti-social
  3. Ministers Of Fear
  4. The Queen, The Lady
  5. The Uninvited Guest