Magnum – Sacred Blood ‘Divine’ Lies


Review by Martin Stanyer

Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Release Date: 26th February

Magnum one of England’s finest rock bands need no introduction with over 40 years in the music industry. Magnums new album Sacred Blood ‘Divine’ Lies opens up with ‘Sacred Blood “Divine” Lies’. A guitar intro paves the path, Bob Catley’s vocals soar through, strong, passionate and refreshing, you can tell a great band when they have you hooked from the intro. This is rock at its finest and I don’t praise too often. A great beat, a solid riff, and some brilliant melodies set this epic track of nearly 7 minutes on fire. Wonderful. The breakdown is phenomenal and Tony Clarkin’s solo quite frankly is sublime.

‘Crazy Old Mothers’ some gentle piano kicks in by Mark Stanway before a glorious fusion of guitars and strings, it starts off gentle but the chorus is stadium sized an anthem if ever I heard one, Harry James drums are tasteful and compliment this track really well, outstanding work, superior musicianship.

‘Princess in the rags’ has a nice groove , a good rocker, atmospheric and cool, the guitar has a punchy kick that gives this song a boost, the solo makes full use the fretboard, adding a nice extra dynamic to what is already a well-crafted track.

‘Afraid of the night’ has a very operatic vibe, this would be suited at a festival it’s got a huge sound, it’s a talented piece of work, defying the normal rules of song-writing, Al Barrows bass rings well on this track, there is also a Queen element to this song, the arrangement and the changes that the song goes through make it a fascinating listen.

‘A Forgotten Conversation’ Get the lighters out and make them burn bright because if you were listening to this at one of the live shows that’s exactly what you would do. An epic introduction lights the way for this song before a full blowing assault of rocking follows, a phenomenal bridge changes the dynamic of this song and lifts it to a new level, honestly a real gem and standout track to this fine album.

‘Quiet Rhapsody’ a nice electronic and ambient introduction, different to the rest of the album, this then becomes a funky rocker, those vocals, yes Bob Catley, those vocals are so strong and harmonise wonderfully. This seems like a song where you could keep listening to it and pick up different things every time. There’s lots going on in the background, the breakdown of bass, strings and vocals is great.

Closing track ‘Don’t Cry Baby’ sounds awesome, gentle to begin before getting heavier, a splash of acoustic guitar in the background solidifies and helps the listener to embrace the chorus so that it blends with the verses, what’s great is where the guitar solo should have come in is a piano solo, played to perfection, a smooth transition of notes succeeds and sets this album at new high, the guitar solo does chime in but only towards the fade out, tasteful and fitting. A really wonderful listen, showing that Magnum are truly one of rocks best bands.

10 out of 10New NO BORDER SBDL 2016 HI RES

Track Listing:

  1. Sacred Blood “Divine” Lies
  2. Crazy Old Mothers
  3. Gypsy Queen
  4. Princess in Rags (The Cult)
  5. Your Dreams Won’t Die
  6. Afraid of the Night
  7. A Forgotten Conversation
  8. Quiet Rhapsody
  9. Twelve Men Wise and Just
  10. Don’t Cry Baby





  1. Magnum have never been appreciated for what they truly are, a rousing, joyous, emotionally charged band that deliver live each and every time. Only in the latter albums have reviews such as this matched their stance as to what I believe is a superb bunch of guys who will leave us with a legacy not many can match
    You say one of rocks best bands, on their day, I can’t think of anyone better.

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