Low Cut Connie – Get Out The Lotion


Review by Tony Gaskin

Low Cut Connie are a Trans-Atlantic combo who via the wonders of modern technology have pooled together the resources of Birmingham-based Dan Finnemore, Adam Weiner in New Jersey and Neil Duncan in Gainsville FL, thus creating an album that takes the rawness and simplicity of bar room R‘n’R and giving it a modern make-over.

Honky tonk pianos and groovin’ blues riffs permeate throughout this disc and infuse you with a real feel good factor that you don’t get with much of todays over hyped and over produced alternative rock scene. Stand out tracks like “Johnny Cool Man” and “Waitin’ for Mikey” will have you hankering for a shot of bourbon.

There’s no doubting where the highly talented group of musicians on this album draw their inspirations from. The hat is tipped to all those early pioneers of Americana, we have skiffle, blues, C&W, gospel et al to thank for this stripped back collection of songs.

There seems to be an upsurge in popularity for this no frills brand of rock, Jim Jones and Rival Sons spring to mind, and if Low Cut Connie could attract a wider audience they might just find themselves being fashionable!!

This is retro rock at it’s best, a bunch of guys paying homage to their predecessors, having fun and producing a damn fine album in the process.

8 out of 10

Track Listing:
The Car & The Cream
Big Thighs, NJ
Full of Joy
Johnny Cool Man
Lover’s Call
Shit, Shower & Shave
Show Your Face
Right Here
Waitin For Mikey