Loom – S/T


Noisy, raucous, noisy, abrasive, noisy, and aggressive…

Out on Silent Cult Records from 19 May 2017 and reviewed here by Jason Guest

Formed out of “distaste, boredom and frustration with new music”, noisy bastards Loom are bringing unto the world their eponymous debut. And what a noisy, raucous, noisy, abrasive, noisy, and aggressive piece of work it is too. Inspired by the likes of the shit-slinger himself, GG Allin, and The Misfits, other than a more sanitary live show, what more can one expect? With a raw, Kobain screaming/shouting/singing vocal style slammed against riff after many a finger-nail-ripping-off riff and hammered drums, it’s a powerful and hard-hitting slab of rage.

Think The Jesus Lizard meets Nirvana meets (the) Melvins meets Interpol meets a late night fight in a seedy backstreet club car park and you’re about half way there. For the rest, think the confrontation of The Stooges, the muck of 90s grunge, the finger-pointy-pointy accusation of hardcore punk. Though similarities to the band’s influences (Pixies, Bad Brains and Warsaw as well as those already mentioned) are in evidence a little too obviously for this to be wholly original, given the attitude and the palpable energy that bursts out of each of the ten tracks, it’s more than forgivable. I suspect that live, Loom will loom large. The choice is yours: run for cover or throw yourself into it. I recommend the latter.

Loom 20176 out of 10

Track List:

  1. Lice
  2. Hate
  3. Get A Taste
  4. Leopard
  5. Salt
  6. Seasick
  7. Bleed On Me
  8. Nailbender
  9. Barbed Wire
  10. Slowly Freezing Heart