Live at Wacken 2012 – DVD


Review by Jason Guest

UDR Music

From its humble beginnings in 1990 with a six-band line-up, Germany’s Wacken Open Air Festival has gone from strength to strength, drawing in bigger bands and bigger audiences during its lifetime. And so to celebrate its 23rd year, the Wacken Foundation has released a 3DVD package featuring performances from 2012’s line-up.

Wacken - 2012While their years of experience and success see Saxon and Testament set the standard for performance, Decapitated, Overkill, Hammercult, Nasum (part of the band’s final tour), and Unearth are outstanding, and though while not a fan, Hammerfall, Volbeat, Hammercult, and Moonspell all put in commendable performances. With China’s Suffocated a pleasant surprise and only one track from Sweden’s bell-bottomed blues rockers Graveyard a disappointment, there are numerous omissions, many of which would have been a welcome addition (particularly in place of Cradle Of Filth). Bands such as Sepultura, Dimmu Borgir, Napalm Death (though Barney does make an appearance with Volbeat), Machine Head, Paradise Lost, Watain, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Suicide Silence all played that year, so whatever the reasons for their exclusion we can only speculate.

In terms of packaging, it’s well put together. The accompanying booklet is laid out well and along with the track listing, features shots of the bands (some not included on any of the 3 DVDs), the stage, and the audience, no doubt a few attendees will be overjoyed to see their mug representing the metal madness that the festival inspires. With the second half (8 pages!) being a list of all those who played a part in bringing the festival to life, it gives an insight into how many people and how much work goes on behind the scenes of such a huge event.

A well-presented package that will serve Wacken devotees the world over well as a memento of what looked to be a remarkable weekend, for the rest of us who were either too far away, too skint, or too afraid of the mud and the rain (of which there looked to be lots), it’s enjoyable and encouraging enough to entice us out of our warm beds to get to the next one.

7 out of 10

DVD 1:

  1. Bang Your Head – Hammerfall
  2. Last Man Standing – Hammerfall
  3. Hearts On Fire – Hammerfall
  4. More Than Meets The Eye – Testament
  5. Over The Wall – Testament
  6. Three Days Of Darkness – Testament
  7. Riding High, Singing Low – The Boss Hoss
  8. Shake & Shout – The Boss Hoss
  9. Ministry Of Saints – Edguy
  10. Superheroes – Edguy
  11. Babylon – Edguy
  12. 7 Shots – Volbeat
  13. Evelyn – Volbeat
  14. Pool Of Booze, Booze, Booza – Volbeat

DVD 2:

  1. Heavy Metal Thunder – Saxon
  2. Hammer Of The Gods – Saxon
  3. Power And The Glory – Saxon
  4. Electric Rattlesnake – Overkill
  5. Ironbound – Overkill
  6. Rotten To  The  Core – Overkill
  7. Nymphetamine Fix – Cradle Of Filth
  8. Her Ghost In The Fog – Cradle Of Filth
  9. From The Cradle To Enslave – Cradle Of Filth
  10. 2008 – Suffocated
  11. Onward In Sadness – Suffocated
  12. Hard Bone – Suffocated
  13. The Knife – Decapitated
  14. Pest – Decapitated
  15. A View From A Hole – Decapitated
  16. Headstone – Djerv
  17. Elegy – Leaves Eyes
  18. Temptation – Leaves Eyes
  19. Vogelfrei – Schandmaul
  20. Hofnarr – Schandmaul
  21. Traumtänzer – Schandmaul

DVD 3:

  1. Wake Of Magellon – Circle  II Circle
  2. Anymore – Circle  II Circle
  3. Hourglass – Circle  II Circle
  4. Breed – Riotgod
  5. Fool – Riotgod
  6. Reverse Thunder – Red Fang
  7. Dirt Wizard – Red Fang
  8. Blown Away – Crimes Of Passion
  9. Accidents Happen, Even Here – Crimes Of Passion
  10. Fuck The Pigs – Warrior Soul
  11. We Are Hammercult – Hammercult
  12. Let The Angels Burn – Hammercult
  13. Scoop – Nasum
  14. Wrath – Nasum
  15. I Hate People – Nasum
  16. My Will Be Done – Unearth
  17. Black Hearts Now Reign – Unearth
  18. Breakwater – Ghost Brigade
  19. Soulcarvers – Ghost Brigade
  20. Uncomfortably Numb – Graveyard
  21. Moonspell – Wolfshade
  22. Moonspell – Opium
  23. Moonspell – Awake