Lightfire – Run Aground



Review by Tony Gaskin

Cannock based Lightfire have been popping up all over the place lately, not suprising really as this bright young outfit have a lot to say for themselves.

Their latest 3 track EP “Run Aground” is just short of 12 minutes of high energy alternative rock that gives a glimpse of what this band is capable of, slick songs with accomplished technical abilities that have been well honed on the local circuit.

First up we have the fast paced “Ignorance”, a punchy, punk inspired track that is anthemic and an obvious crowd pleaser for the live set. They go more meldoic, but no less pacey for the second track “The System”, with lead vocalist Scott Sieradzki showing a good range of vocal ability here, something which becomes even more noticeable with the final track, “Time”.

This starts off much slower and more subdued, slowly building the anticipation. The metronomic bass line and drum beat help seduce you as the climax builds, very Tool-esque and shows the versitality of this fast rising band.

As I write this they will be opening for Daylight Robbery and Serpentine at Lucy’s Bar, but they will be back again soon supporting I Am Giant at the Flapper in Birmingham on the 21st April.

lightfire8 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Ignorance
  2. The System
  3. Time