Leogun – By The Reins


Review by Tosh Davies

Leogun. Ever heard of them? No? Well I think all that is about to change, their debut album By The Reins has been firmly lodged in my car for the last three months and now it’s time to let the secret out. A three-piece from London, they’ve supported the likes of The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, and Kiss, and with a swagger of old school rock ‘n roll, big hooks, blues groove and some truly catchy-as-hell tunes, you can’t help but love them.

Led by the charismatic vocalist/guitarist Tommy Smith, with a range and sound comparable to Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother with a Robert Plant vibe, his vocal is the first thing that jumps out at you. The under-three-minute flash-in-the-pan ‘Piggy In The Middle’ kicks off proceedings, quickly followed by the catchy repeat chorus of ‘Let’s Be Friends’. From then on in, the album ebbs its blues groove ambience with a sprinkle of funky bass lines and soaring sharp vocals. ‘Do What You Do’ has a Lenny Kravitz flavour and the stunning seven-minute-plus title track brings the album to its knees in glorious style in a Led Zeppelin blues jam kinda way.

By The Reins is one of those ‘sleeper’ albums; quietly understated until BOOM! It’s on you like a tramp on chips. An album that matures as it progresses to its final track, an album that should be in everyone’s collection. With all the focus on The Temperance Movement this month, go out and grab some Leogun, the ‘other’ saviours of British Rock.

Leogun – By The Reins8 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Piggy in the Middle 2:57
  2. Let’s Be Friends 3:17
  3. Everytime I Lose 2:39
  4. What’s it Gonna Take 3:18
  5. I Roll 2:58
  6. Another Lost Soul 5:09
  7. Do What You Do 3:33
  8. Drunk Enough 4:00
  9. Everyday 6:49
  10. Medicine 4:37
  11. By the Reins 7:24