Laurence Jones – The Truth


Superb from start to finish, fresh and uplifting.

Released on 9 March 2018 and reviewed by Stephen Brophy

Not only one of the best blues guitarists to come out of the UK in recent years but also a very gifted songwriter and singer, Laurence Jones has been one of the most interesting and fun artists to watch develop. It could never be said his music all sounds the same. Each album takes somewhat of a new path and sound, and that’s great. It’s still hard to believe that Laurence is only 26 years of age. He seems to have been around forever and achieved so much but this album takes things onto a new level.

Each of the ten tracks on offer on The Truth brings something different to the party, songs about love and loss, hope and pain strewn across the record. From the powerful opener of ‘What Would You Do’ through the cracking title track and the sorrowful beauty of ‘Take Me’, every note tugs at you. The sheer exuberance of ‘Keep Me Up At Night’ is infectious, the song possessing an ability to lift you off your feet and move you to sing along.

Throughout this album, Jones’ playing is wonderfully emotive. He’s one of those guitarists that demands that you feel the joy and the pain that flows through the music. Jones has always worked with top class musicians, but something just seems to work perfectly with these guys, Greg, Bennet and Phil all working together like it was meant to be, their contribution as much an integral part of the tracks as Jones’ moving guitar work.

This is a stunning piece of work. Different to previous Laurence Jones albums, this feels like a notable development, the song-writing, his vocals and his guitar work are all stellar. This one is already going in my Top 10 for the year – and there’s still more to come. Can’t wait for the next album to hear the next direction or shape it takes.

Laurence Jones - The TruthTrack list:

  1. What Would You Do
  2. Don’t You Let Me Go
  3. Hold Me Close
  4. Keep Me Up At Night
  5. Give Me Your Time
  6. The Truth
  7. Take Me
  8. Gone Away
  9. Can’t Go On Without You
  10. Never Good Enough