Last Edition – Best Foot Forward


It’s all two-tone and fun straight out of Leicester…

Self-released July 29, 2016

Reviewed by Nathan Daniel 

Listening to Best Foot Forward as autumn turns to winter is bittersweet. That’s only for one simple reason, though: it’s so damn summery and upbeat and will either transport you right back to warmer weather or make you jealous that it’s passed for another year. It’s the first full-length album from Leicester’s very own Last Edition, whose Ska Punk is packed full of good vibes and positivity.

If the album art and song titles weren’t enough of an indicator, track one “Fistful of Ska” doesn’t hold back in showing you that this is going to be an out-and-out Ska Punk record. The energetic saxophone intro jaunts in and out infectiously, setting the tone. It’s catchy as anything and brings the first big chorus of many, prompting sing-alongs from the outset. “Can’t Let Go” is just as catchy and makes it difficult not to become hooked with its smooth and classy tones. That brings the album into lead single “Last Orders” which is easy going and feel good enough to rival the likes of peers Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish, epitomised with lines like “life is what you make of it, I just go with the flow.” A groovy bass line kicks in and drops into a cracking fast-paced instrumental that would make even the most boring bar dwellers want to get up and dance (and for those that still remain seated, the all-instrumental “Skank Only” is sure to get them on their feet and skanking.)

“Beer O’Clock” opens on what sounds like an instrumental reworking of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and it’s brilliant, much like the rest of the track. The theme of drinking and having a good time is one that sticks throughout the entirety of Best Foot Forward, true to the roots of band’s genre. It’s not a listen that’s there for thought provocation or to start a movement, but it more than fulfils its purpose in putting a smile on the face of the listener. Its melodies and guitars are all rather mid-2000s in the best way possible, sure to invoke glowing nostalgia for many. Album closer “Million Times” couldn’t have much of a bigger chorus, winding things up in the high spirits they begin with. It’s a sharp, easy and fun listen and returns every bit of value to the fans that contributed to the Pledge campaign, allowing Last Edition to deservedly smash their target and make a cracking album.

8 out of 10 

Track list:

  1. Fistful of Ska
  2. Can’t Let Go
  3. Last Orders
  4. Status
  5. Soul Bamba
  6. Skank Only
  7. If Ska Ruled The World
  8. Beer O’Clocked
  9. This One
  10. Pearly Gates
  11. Million Times