La Dispute @ Rescue Rooms, Notts – 1st February 2012


Review and photos by Sam Bingham

La Dispute is a five-piece post-hardcore band from Michigan, USA. They have been together for around eight years now, with multiple tours across to the UK and Europe under their belts.

La Dispute followed two bands’ sets which, although consistently tight and well performed, got a mediocre response from the crowd (though that’s not a comment about the bands in particular, but definitely shows La Dispute have built up a good fan-base around here in comparison). The venue was pretty much packed out and by the end of their set La Dispute had a great atmosphere going, with half the room running round and bouncing off each other. Every song was met with a good response but it was clear that their latest album has not had time to sink in yet as their older songs went down with a lot more excitement. It seems that at the live shows the older material comes off more energetic, but La Dispute’s latest release, Wildlife, is still packed with emotion and definitely warrants a few decent listens to get into it. The album, which came out in December last year, is incredibly well put together, all songs flowing into each other well and carrying some nice poetic themes throughout (‘nice’ probably isn’t the word to describe lyrics about sadness and tragedy, but it just works so well as an album).

Highlight songs of the gig (in my opinion) were Said the Kind to the River, Edward Benz, 27 Times and Why It Scares Me. One of the great things about this band is that they are really accessible for younger people (hope that doesn’t sound too patronising…) and people starting to get into genres of music like post-hardcore, punk and screamo, but also hold an older fan-base as well. At the end of the set, with enough shouting from the crowd, La Dispute finished off with a couple of songs for a well-deserved encore.

This gig had one of the best atmospheres I’ve experienced at this venue. Add to that the great music, it was probably one of the better gigs I’ve been to at this venue. Always good to see decent turnouts for bands like this in Nottingham.

View Sam’s pix from the show below: