Krisiun – Forged In Fury


A real piledriver of an album…

Review by Stephen Brophy

Century Media

Release Date: 7 August 2015

A new Brazilian Blastfest is upon us as Krisiun  release the follow up to 2011’s The Great Execution. Musically this album edges towards a modern sound, everything is solid and this is a real piledriver of an album, but with a few surprises along the way, it still retains that old school deathly sound, but there are little nuances here and there that make you sit up and just think “nice”.

The album rumbles into life with ‘Scars Of The Hatred’, this track contains everything you need to know about Krisiun in 2015, there are melodic sections, such as they are, mixed in with the blast beats, screaming guitars and riffs that just bounce your head up and down in acknowledgement, yes I like what I am hearing and this is just the start that was required. ‘The Ways Of Barbarism’ is a slow burner to begin with, but swings into full pelt soon enough. This has all been in a lead up to the albums stand out track: ‘Souless Impaler’. A monster getting unleashed on unexpecting ears, this just runs right through you leaving nothing but debris in its wake.

The great thing here is that we are presented with more than just a couple of really good tracks with a few fillers, ‘Burning Of The Heretic’ and ‘Oracle Of The Ungod’ adding to the quality levels. ‘Timeless Starvation’ is another of the stand outs on the album. A flowing intro that you’d expect from a thrash album, it builds as it gains momentum and the power of the cutting riffs and the sheer ferocity of the drumming is crushing.

As with all Krisiun tracks the bludgeoning drums are always there and the vocals don’t need to stray from the path they always run on. Max Kolesne has been one of my favourite extreme drummers for a number of years; absolute controlled mayhem. And sometimes you forget that Krisiun are a three piece band. They lose nothing from not having a second guitarist; Moyses Kolesne’s guitar work on this album is top notch. If Forged In Fury proves one thing – and it proves many – it’s that evolution is definitely a good thing. This is the band at their best and this material will sound excellent live. Don’t let this one pass you by.

Krisiun – ForgedInFury20159 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Scars Of The Hatred
  2. Ways Of Barbarism
  3. Dogma Of Submission
  4. Strength Forged In Fury
  5. Soulless Impaler
  6. Burning Of The Heretic
  7. The Isolated Truth
  8. Oracle Of The Ungod
  9. Timeless Starvation
  10. Milonga De La Muerte



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