King King – Reaching For The Light


Review by: Alaina Henderson

Rising connoisseurs of blues-rock King King have released their third album ‘Reaching For The Light’, justifying the buzz of positive attention they have been receiving.

With this, a fast-paced and loud album full of energy, they take the rock-blues genre and add in a heavy dose of funk and soul, while not missing out on their trademark hurtling riffs, resilient vocals, duelling guitars and powerful hooks.

As well as his kilt, Frontman and larger than life Scot Alan Nimmo wears his Gary Moore and Clapton influences proudly, while displaying his distinctly Paul Rodgers-esque vocal he just makes it sound so easy.

He is all over the track ‘Take a Look’ with its seductive guitar solos blended pleasurably with oscillating soft vocals.  Plus ‘Waking Up’ with its cascading bass and underlying sentiment that shouldn’t be mistaken with haughtiness, but travelling the motions of broken heartedness and understanding the melancholy it brings.

‘Rush Hour’ has a laid-back country feel, as does ‘Lay With Me’, melded with gospel. A perfect showcase for how well this band work together.

The acoustic strums in ‘You Stopped The Rain’ add an unexpected depth to the song, showing the sophisticated professionalism of these creations, combined with some vintage funk.

These songs could have been lost tracks for Bad Company, exuding the testosterone-filled rock solid quality that they captured to entertain audiences by the thousands.

They’ve done what many of their counterparts have set out to do and appeal to the classic rock lovers and mainstream alike while satisfying the needs for the blues crowd.

King King has been successfully crowned, and it’s royally deserved.

8/10New Picture

Track listing:

  1. Hurricane
  2. You Stopped the Rain
  3. I’m Waking Up
  4. Rush Hour
  5. Crazy
  6. Lay With Me
  7. Just a Little Lie
  8. Take a Look
  9. Stranger to Love