Kill for Eden – Kill for Eden


Review by Paul H Birch

‘Kerosene’ opens with attitude as vocalist Lyla D’Souza turns on the sexual heat warning you that she’s a woman not to be messed about with; whereas the fact that she’s quite prepared to abuse you mind, body and soul, is another matter entirely! Underpinned by a strident rock chord riff and a compelling sub-disco bass beat it gets this debut album off to a good start.

Formed by seasoned performers guitarist Dave Garfield and D’Souza, Kill for Eden make radio rock for the mainstream punter who gets off on Queen, Meatloaf and the odd Bon Jovi or Guns n’ Roses hit they can sing along to. In keeping with the band’s founders, the rest of this London-based band sound like they can play their way blindfolded through a paid session gig – that can lead to things being a little too clean and precise at times, and derivative of other tunes as they run through a painting by numbers palette of hitting as many bases as they can, but there’s some interesting quality stuff to show for it too.

I’m particularly partial to ‘Living On Mars’ with its strutting riff, sneering harmony lead vocals and the grab you by the balls guitar solo climaxing at the end. ‘Little Wizard’ is reminiscent of The Cult when not wrapped in its acoustic tapestry while ‘Slip Away’ again goes for a Euro-disco back beat while letting the lead guitar wail away.

Female fronted bands such as Blondie and Garbage have been mentioned as influences and you can possibly hear that in the pop punk of ‘Beige’, but I reckon that if they were to call on a little more studio wizardry or bought a synthesiser they could head for more commercial profitability out in Goldfrapp territory.

At their best, Kill for Eden currently pull you in with Lenny Kravitz styled retro riffs and some Skunk Anansie passionate hollering, less interestingly it can all become a bit Bonnie Tyler meets Hazel O’Conner. That there can be moments both good and bad in the same song is a problem and a case of trying too hard to please everyone. It’s a promising debut and they have already gathered decent radio airplay so it will prove worth listening to hear how they develop collectively as a band.

Kill for Eden 20135.5 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Kerosene
  2. Untouchables
  3. Beige
  4. Stalemate
  5. The Evil That Men Do
  6. Living On Mars
  7. Fate Insists
  8. Ned
  9. Over and Over
  10. Slip Away
  11. Little Wizard
  12. Alone With My Demons
  13. The Truth
  14. Kerosene



  1. Spot on synopsis of the band by reporter P Birch. Great sound, offering a medley of light & shade into the arrangement. Believe band will be amazing the more they perform & gel together, incorporating their true persona into their music.

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