Jumalhämärä – La Strada & The Black Coming



Released by Triumphant Transgressions (Facebook; Bandcamp) sometime during 2017 and reviewed by Jason Guest

Jumalhämärä (Finnish for ‘Twilight of the Gods’; thanks Nietzsche) exist nowhere. And that nowhere is where both La Strada and The Black Coming emerge, reside, and embody. Synths lay the foundation and the landscapes move in slow motion as a beautifully haunting voice gently echoes in the near-distance. Ambient, atmospheric, enthralling, here we find a solitude, an isolation that is welcoming, warm and meditative. And in the joyful silence is an escape, a desire to be one with the nothingness that is elating, emancipating, and ecstatic. Words do little to explain or encapsulate these two releases. Indulge in their emptiness. The music and the mystery speaks for itself.

Jumalhämärä – La StradaLa Strada:

  1. Initiated Into Trivialities
  2. Ecstacy In Blood – A Ballad
  3. A Deluge (IV)
  4. Of Enlightment And Righteousness Pt. II

Jumalhämärä – The Black ComingThe Black Coming:

  1. The Black Coming