Jules Millis of White Widdow – pre-UK tour interview


Interview by Woody

Hey Jules, this is Woody from Midlands Rocks.

Hope you are well Jules! You and the rest of White Widdow are coming all the way from Australia to perform with Ten and Serpentine in a few days time. Are the band looking forward to it and are you all well rehearsed?

“Hey Woody! Yes, we are really looking forward to being back in the UK., and this time around for a proper tour; we cant wait! We love the UK fans and their devotion to this style of music, so we are really excited. We’ve been rehearsing like madmen with our new drummer George Kristy and I don’t think we’ve ever sounded better. George brings a sense of energy and vibrancy to the band with his style of playing and that’s infectious to everyone.”

This will be the bands first tour of the UK. What can fans expect from a White Widdow show and can you give us any clues to what songs may be amongst your set-list?

“We’ll be putting every bit of energy into every show; so while it will be a melodic rock show, there’ll also be a sense of hair metal flair amongst it! While our shows are filled with anthems about heartbreak and lost love, we also want everyone there to have fun and a good time.” “We’ll be playing a mix of both our first album and our latest release, “Serenade”. I would say the set is mixed pretty well. We will also be playing several songs we didn’t include when we appeared at Firefest last October too.”

With the band coming all the way from Australia is it important to the band to establish itself as a live force in the UK and Europe? Do you get many opportunities to perform live down under?

“Yes, but for White Widdow, our biggest market is the UK and Europe, so it’s very important that we establish ourselves as a live force. Unfortunately, things in Australia are not good for melodic rock; the music scene there really doesn’t support it in any way, so we need to be over there. While there is still a solid scene for pub-rock in the AC/DC style, even that has suffered over the past 2 to 3 years from lower attendances at live shows and new bands can’t get any media or radio support at all. This can be detracting from what you’re trying to do as an artist, but knowing that we have a solid and devoted fanbase throughout the UK and Europe, keeps us motivated.”

Jules you’re well known as a regular at Firefest; do you know much of the UK outside of Nottingham? Or will many of the towns and regions you visit on this tour be new experiences for you?

“I’ve done some travelling through the UK, but this tour will take me to places I’ve never been like Wales and let me see more of England too. I’m really looking forward to it and meeting plenty of great people along the way!”

Best of luck with the tour Jules; See you at The Roadhouse in Birmingham…. And, tell Xavier to not forget his keyboards!

“Thanks a lot Woody! I look forward to seeing you at the Roadhouse! And no, there’s no way in hell I’d let Xavier on the plane without his keyboards!!”