JD & The FDC’s – Burn This City Down


Review by Harry Paterson

Jamie Delerict understands that most vital and fundamental of rock ‘n’ roll truths. Call it punk, metal, rock, whatever, if it has the attitude and the vibe then, to quote Billy Joel, “It’s still rock n’ roll to me”.

This understanding is nowhere better exemplified than on the cuts comprising the latest release from his band, the inarguably excellent, JD & The FDCs.

‘Burn This City Down’, as authentic and infectious an anthem as one could wish, pleasingly makes the transfer from live sensation to more than acceptable recorded counterpart. The energy, feel-good-sing-along chorus and sheer balls of the tune, lays out the band’s manifesto in spiky and euphoric style.

While ‘Stupid Music Played By Idiots’ is the most obviously punk track on offer, it’s wry lyrical irony, break-neck pace and accessible commercial Americanisms should ensure cross-over appeal and a permanent place on anyone’s party play list.

Covering a track by Go West might not be the most obvious move and while it wilts somewhat, by virtue of its comparison to its preceding stellar song-mates, there’s a sufficient new light shone through its old window to justify its conclusion.

Bridging the gap effortlessly between Johnny Thunders, Mike Monroe and Hanoi Rocks on the one hand and Stiff Little Fingers and the shamelessly commercial appeal of Green Day on the other, this disc is impressive and stylishly executed rock ‘n’ roll.

No self-respecting party can afford to be without it. Buy it. Now.