JAMES KENNEDY – Noise Damage: My Life As A Rock ’n’ Roll Underdog (Book)


A book detailing the trials and tribulations of life in a band is nothing new in the crazy world of rock and roll but former Kyshera front man James Kennedy brings his own unique take on the well trodden path in this warts and all telling. ‘Noise Damage – My Life As A Rock n Roll Underdog’ proves to be a real eye opener and attention grabber as James takes the reader on his own personal journey in the music business as from an early age he set out to achieve his ambitions despite suffering the setback of being hearing impaired from the age of 10.

Finances (or rather, a lack of) and music industry shenanigans are a recurring theme but some genuine laugh out loud anecdotes contrast with those darker moments when James was struggling on so many levels both personally and musically. Overall then this makes for an engaging read and whilst it won’t grab any headlines in the likes of Blabbermouth this is a book that any aspiring musician should consider checking out. By the end it is reassuring that James is looking forward and seemingly content with enjoying life as a solo artist without anyone looking over his shoulder.

Noise Damage : My Life As A Rock ‘n’ Roll Underdog was released October 18th 2020 via Eye Books.

Review by Dean Pedley.