Ithaqua – The Black Mass Sabbath Pulse 7″ EP


Heavy, sturdy, demonic…

Set to contaminate the underworld by Iron Bonehead Productions on 30 April 2016 and inhaled but only partially exhaled by Jason “the non-smoker” Guest

Greece’s Ithaqua first came to my attention with the February 2015 cassette-only release of their debut, Initiation To Obscure Mysteries (it has subsequently been released on CD and vinyl). One year later and the band are back with this two-track 7” EP. Solid enough with plenty of heavy riffs, sturdy lead breaks, demonic growls and oppressive atmospherics, both ‘The Black Mass Sabbath Pulse’ and ‘Walpurgis…’ have an almost industrial feel to them with the keyboards opening up the tracks to an almost cathedral-like expanse.

In my review of Initiation To Obscure Mysteries (here), I said they were a band to keep an eye on. Where that demo was interesting more than exciting, with this release, the band have produced something markedly more intriguing. If Ithaqua continue along this path, future releases will be increasingly impressive. Best buy this before it becomes the much-sought-after item it’s destined to be.

7 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. The Black Mass Sabbath Pulse
  2. Walpurgis, The Flight Of Spectral