Irish trio The Crawling announce new album


Five years after their second album, Wolves And The Hideous White, left a trail of blood and bone through the metal underground, Northern Ireland’s premier exponents of doom, death and devastation, The Crawling, have returned.

They bring with them seven tracks of harsh truths, seven tracks of enthralling power and soul crushing despondency, entwined together like serpents…the emptiness that awaits, the noose that sways from the branch, the bleak understanding at the end of the road. They bring All Of This For Nothing…

Since their merciless, monolithic beginning with the ‘Choking On Concrete’ single in 2015, The Crawling have been building a reputation for all encompassing heaviness that hits hard on both physical and emotional levels. Both doom and death metal have bled freely into The Crawling’s chalice, blending the thunderous roar of one and the aching despair of the other into a potent, spirit searing poison.

And beyond that base elixir there is more; there is The Crawling’s fiercely unique approach, there is the defiant resistance to conforming to any kind of pattern or expectation – you know beyond doubt when the shadow of The Crawling falls across your door. Never have the band sounded more accomplished and complete than on All Of This For Nothing.

A new vein of magic has been tapped to lift tracks like ‘Another Vulture’ and ‘Thy Nazarene’ above anything that The Crawling have released before. The melodies, the stark emotion, the tumbling riffs and rhythmic drive, the raw, impassioned vocals…this is everything that The Crawling ever promised to be.

Working once more in conjunction with Grindscene Records, who have accompanied the band on their bitter march since that very first step, The Crawling will cast All Of This For Nothing into the storm on August 4.

Draped in the cold, despairing artwork of Travis Smith (Death, Nevermore, Opeth etc), this frostbitten prophet of doom will knock on every door, bringing its message of emptiness, its words like ashes…there is no meaning, there is only a brief flaring of light in the unending shadow and all your efforts, all your desperate attempts to belong, to be wanted, to be loved…all of this for nothing.