Interview with Wisdom


Interview by Krish Mistry

Riding across the UK as part of the Sabaton tour, Hungarian’s WISDOM were happy to introduce themselves to a UK audience.

Note: not all of the band members spoke fluent English, and there was also some translation from Hungarian as the interview went on!


Hi, well let’s kick off with finding out, how are you?

Good! We just arrived yesterday and played our first gig, this was our second show of the tour. It was quite hectic at first but we had a relaxed show and we are quite happy.


For anybody who hasn’t heard of Wisdom, how would you describe yourself and your sound?

It’s not easy! It’s better if you come to a concert and see us, but we are heavy power metal guys.


How is the tour going so far? Positives and negatives?

The UK tour started just yesterday, so far nothing has gone really wrong! We had a problem with the guitar wireless but that’s all really. The others (bands) have been touring for two months before us, but this is our first tour really. When the crowd shout ‘Wisdom Wisdom Wisdom!’ it is really good!


Do you have any crazy stories or encounters from touring/life on the road?

After the shows, we just go to sleep. That is all! (I don’t know if this is just avoiding the question!)


How did the recording process go for Judas?

Everything was done at home except drums and vocals. It was easier than recording in a big studio because we didn’t have to deal with lots of different people.


How do you generally come up with ideas for songs on the album?

Well every album is different. We first just sit at home and try and work out some guitar ideas. We then sing along, get some melodies and then put the ideas together. That’s it really. The lyrics depend on if the song is sad or happy, but something just comes in mind. We like to tell stories, each album is a story and songs are about situations of a wise man’s life.


You were nominated for Eurovision 2007, but unfortunately did not get through. But how did this change things for the band?

It was only a possibility to be more famous, there were a lot of Hungarian bands but a lot of pressure from the media and we didn’t have any chance. We were in the last five, but it was not enough.


Do you enjoy making videos and do you see them as being important nowadays?

Of course, this is one of the most important things for a band, with internet and YouTube nowadays it can reach a lot of people.


Do you prefer smaller or larger venues? How about festivals?

This is our first tour, before we played only in Hungary. I guess we are a bit more famous in Hungary, we have played in venues of around 1000 people. But we like to play as much as we can to as many people we can.


The festivals on cruise ships seem to be becoming more popular nowadays, what are your views/opinions and experiences?

Yeah of course, we would love to do that but we have never been on one. Maybe next year, or the year after!


Are there any songs you especially enjoy playing live? Any tricky ones?

This is something like our child, so we enjoy everything. People are smiling and it is good! But also everything is difficult, especially progressive songs.


You have played with many bands such as Helloween and Iron Maiden. Do you have any bands who you would like to tour with in future?

Well we have opened for them for their shows in Hungary but not toured with them. But we would love to tour with Metallica and Iron Maiden.


What sort of bands/albums are you listening to at the moment?

Lady Gaga usually! No, that is not true (laughing!) We never listen to pop bands! But right now, our favourites are Iron Maiden and Ensiferum.


And finally, if you were trapped on a desert island, what five items would you take with you?

A guitar, a crowd(!) and a boat or transport. That is it!


Current members

Gabor Nagy – lead vocals (2010–present)

Gabor Kovacs – guitar, backing vocals (2001–present)

Zsolt Galambos – guitar (2001–present)

Mate Molnar – bass guitar (2001–present)

Balazs Agota – drums (2008–present)