Interview with Skot Cooper of Burden of the Noose


Interview by Paul Castles

Burden Of The Noose
Burden Of The Noose

Burden of the Noose are crazier than a box of chocolate frogs. With an album and a summer jaunt to Ireland in support of Eyehategod on the horizon these are heady days for the Birmingham favourites. Paul Castles spoke to guitarist Skot Cooper following a typically rumbustious performance at The Oobleck.


“We like a beer and we know how to enjoy ourselves. We’ll play any place anywhere any time.  Our bass player actually had an accident at the weekend when he smashed his hand in a massive door made out of steel. His fingers are black at the moment but he still managed to play. Things do get out of hand with us!”

Interview with Skot Cooper of Burden Of The Noose by Midlands Rocks Radio on Mixcloud