Interview with Shrine of Insanabalis


Follow the gleam to the beyond and experience the void

Dark in both heart and spirit, Shrine of Insanabalis’s Disciples of the Void recently scared the BeJebus out of MR’s Paul Castles (here). And so, in order to overcome his fears and dry his pants, he did delve deep in the underground to talk to someone, anyone from the band (nobody knows who they are, except the band, I assume). So read on, if you dare…

Thank you very much for taking time out for this interview and congratulations on Disciples of the Void. Are you satisfied with the final overall tone of the album?

Overall we are very satisfied with what we achieved.

Shrine of Insanabilis - DisciplesoftheVoid2015What was your approach initially? Was there a particular sound you were striving for?

We had a certain sound in mind, which we wanted to create. In the end we strive for the sound closest to our vision.

Is there any particular concept behind the songs?

Yes, each song has its own concept behind it. Because all songs and the underlying concepts come from within us, there are recurring themes. The most prominent one on this album is the all-encompassing void in its many forms and implications.

What bands could you cite as influences?

The answer to this question varies between each band member. It is impossible for us to name universally influential bands, since there is no certain scale of importance. Many bands have had their own influence on us.

Can you tell us a little about the band’s background and how the band formed?

The band was born out of the need to express our visions at the time. It is hard to say when the band was formed, since it was a long process over many years until we finalized “Disciples of the Void”.

Have any of you been with bands we might know?

Some members contributed to the album Casket Dream Veneration from Onirik.

You keep a low profile, is that a conscious decision the band have taken?

Yes, it was a conscious decision. With our album and the live shows however, we do not intend to keep a low profile – we mean to share our work with those interested.

How important is playing live to you?

Playing live is a powerful way for us to spread our work. So it is important to us. We strive to play more often on the path ahead.

Are there sounds made in a studio that are difficult or impossible to recreate on stage?

Not in our songs, but the interludes on our album would be quite difficult to recreate live. We prefer to concentrate on the songs when playing live.

Have you any tour plans to promote the album?

So far we have no tour planned to promote the album. But there are more things to come next year.

Thanks again for taking time out for this interview. Do you have any closing words for our readers?

Follow the gleam to the beyond and experience the void.

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