Interview with Nick Ruskell of Witchsorrow


witchsorrow-newsNick Ruskell may have a reputation as one of doom metal’s more morose and uncompromising figureheads, but Paul Castles found the Witchsorrow frontman in ebullient form backstage at the Damnation Festival at Leeds University.


“People recognize that we have that heavy metal edge. I love playing with bands like Conan and Undersmile. But when we go metal we really go for it, like bands like Judas Priest – that’s what sets us apart a bit. We’ve always been denim and leather and Saxon t-shirts. I think a lot of doom bands are influenced by bands like The Melvins where the doom I got into was doom metal stuff like Electric Wizard and Cathedral. A lot of these other bands aren’t influenced by Venom in the same way we are.”

Interview with Nick Ruskell of Witchsorrow by Midlands Rocks Radio on Mixcloud