Interview with Mike Spreitzer and Jeff Kendrick of DevilDriver


Interview by Brady Deeprose


After their UK tour with Cannibal Corpse, DevilDriver’s guitarists Mike Spreitzer and Jeff Kendrick set out on a run of ‘Guitar Clinic’ dates in music shops around the country. The idea was to play some of the bands tracks and discuss all things guitar.

After the set, I had a brief chat with the Californian shredders about how the clinic shows were going.


MR: How did the guitar clinic opportunity come about?

Mike: Actually, it was Blackstar’s (Amplification) idea. They asked us, as we use their gear, if we’d be up for it and we were.

MR: Have they been going well?

Mike:  It’s been going great: they’re actually the best clinic’s we’ve ever done.

Jeff: Yeah, definitely worth sticking around for the extra week after being on the full tour.

MR: How has it compared to touring with the full band?

Mike: It’s a little bit different… a little bit more nerve-wracking actually because of the intimacy. It’s more up close and personal.

MR: Definitely. Does that change the way you perform?

Mike: When people are asking questions, we tend to feed off the crowd a little more as you have to encourage them. People get a little shy and no-one wants to be the first person to raise their hand and ask something ‘cos they feel like they may feel stupid. But yeah, as long as the questions are pouring out and it gives us something to talk about, it’s cool.

MR: Have the other clinics been going well so far, as tonight seemed to be a success.

Mike: The others have been at music stores which made today a little more open ended. If there was a gap between a clinic and a show, that’s where tonight would have been.

MR: If you had the opportunity, would you do some more clinics?

Mike: Yeah, of course. We’ve actually still got one to go! The day after tomorrow so we have to do it again!

MR: Great. Is there any new DevilDriver material on the horizon?

Mike: New album’s done, it’s getting mixed right now. It should be coming out…

Jeff: August, late August… as a tentative estimate.

MR: Where can fans catch you next?

Mike: We’re coming back in the summer for Bloodstock and are hopefully going to be doing a UK tour but nothing confirmed yet.