Interview with Marionette


Interview By Claire Frays

Claire Frays climbed aboard Marionette’s rather “snazzy” tour bus to meet up with Alexander Andersson (Vocals), Mikael Medin (Bass), Aron Parmerud (Guitars) and Jimmie Olausson (Drums) of the talented Swedish Sextet who are currently on tour with fellow Swedes, Dead By April; Marionette formed in 2005.

Can you tell us about the history of the band? How did it all come together?

Mikael: The way we got together was me, Mikael, the bass player and Aron and our other guitarist at the time and we had a Punk band together and I think our drummer at the time was in that band aswell. And we kind of just wanted to start up a side-project to do something more experimental. I was very inspired by Japanese music at the time but then when I brought all my friends in, the sound got completely different and much more awesome than I was planning. And so no one really liked our Punk band but alot of people really liked this new band that we weren’t taking very seriously. I mean we were taking the music and stuff seriously, but yeah, that’s kind of how that happened.

Aron: We just had our heads in the wrong place. We though the Punk band was the band to make it, you know? But err nope! (Laughs)

Where did the name Marionette come from?

Aron: I don’t even remember. I know that when we first formed the band we had some other ideas for band names like with ‘A Lucid Dream’ and then we thought that was kind of nah. We named our first demo ‘A Lucid Dream’ actually, but that one is pretty hard to find.

Jimmie: I think the idea behind the name Marionette can mean so many different things so it’s kind of up to the people. I have my own personal view of what it means, but I don’t even know if the other guys in the band agree, you know.

Mikael: Short and sexy – It’s Catchy and Sexy and easy to remember it. If you Google it we come top.


You’re mid-way through The Slaugh Tour now with Dead By April and One Without. What have the shows been like so far?

Aron: They’ve been really, really good. Yesterday was a bit smaller than we would have expected but it was still a great show. We’ve had a little bit of technical difficulties up to this point with our keyboards and stuff, but we’re working on it. But hopefully tonight it should have it sorted.

Mikael: I think the first show probably the best, everything went so smoothly, ever since then nothing has really gone 100% smoothly, but it’s always worked out in the end.

Alex: I think it was pretty close to perfect.

Aron: I’m looking forward to the London show tomorrow because it seems to be a very nice turn-out for that show and there’s alot of people we know who are coming. Actually, I’m supposed to be meeting a friend today from work, who works as a Pilot for errm.

Mikael: British Airways?

Aron: British Airline… No RYAN AIR!

Mikael: Yeah Ryan Air, The shit one!

Jimmie: I’m looking forward to Southampton!

Alex: Yeah Southampton!

Mikael We played at that same venue twice and it’s always been crazy. The first time we played in Southampton we played with The Defiled who are from Southampton

Aron: No, no, no, no!

Mikael: Was that the second time?

Aron: Bury Tomorrow are from Southampton…

Mikael: Ah Bury Tomorrow are from Southampton, that’s right. I think they helped us in getting a really warm welcome and since then it’s always been really great playing in Southampton.

Can we expect to see you at any of the UK’s Festivals this summer like Download Or Sonisphere?

Aron; We’re planning! We’re planning every festival that there is. The question is if anyone wants us there, but no, hopefully yes! Especially now that we have a brand new album out maybe we can do some festivals, but we have nothing confirmed yet.

You released your Third album ‘Nerve’ on the 5th December 2011. How did you find the recording process this time around?

Aron: I think the recording process was the pretty much the same, I mean they’re both… the last album recording was not that hectic either, but the first album ‘Spite’ was super-duper hectic, but I mean we had all the time in the world and it took a long time to record because we were recording in different places. But otherwise it was just like any other album. You spend a couple of months in the studio…

Alex: It was really good to have the time… (whilst half choking on dinner sparking laughter amongst bandmates!)

What comes first, the music or the lyrics?

Aron: Music first, lyrics after. And I think it depends a little bit, but for us I think it’s easier to write that way because the emotion in the music is what makes the lyrics kind of.

Are there any bands or artists that you would like to collaborate with in the future?

Aron: I don’t know really…

Mikael: We got too many ideas already that we need to do ourselves.

Aron: There are many people I’d like to work with I guess but I can’t pick one.

Mikael: We’d like Devin Townsend to produce us.

Aron: Yeah, Devin Townsend is the man I think.

What are your plans for 2012 so far?

Alex: We’re planning to do a tour in spring, we’re just setting the dates, but we hope to be back real soon.

Mikael: I think maybe the next album won’t be released in 2012, but we’ll be coming a long way on it. So that’s exciting.

Aron: We’re already working on the next album. We already have a bunch of songs – more than we need, but we’ll keep making more songs.

What is the craziest story you have from being in the group? For example, a crazy experience with a fan or a disastrous road trip…

Aron: We had both of those! (Laughter)

Mikael: The last time we were in Britain, like 2 hours after the last show, our car broke down and wouldn’t start.

Aron: Like right in the middle of the Highway!

Mikael: Yeah on the middle of the highway at like 2am in the morning or something. So we called a… what’s it called the people who come and pick up your car?

Aron: Tow truck!

Mikael: They couldn’t come until 8 in the morning

Aron: So we sitting there all night.

Mikael: But then we ended up getting a nice end of the tour vacation in… I can’t even remember the name of the place,

Alex: Yeovil

Mikael: Yes Yeovil. Like the smallest place. Like All the stores were closed and the restaurants closed in the middle of the day. They weren’t open. But that was alot of fun. (Laughs)

Aron: But also when the bus broke down we immediately started like (makes sniffing noises) something smelling, and Alex had just stepped in dog shit. So we had a bit…What’s that smell! (laughs) 8 hours in a bus, and it was cold on the motor highway…

Mikael: And it was raining…and cold

Aron: And everything smells of dog poo.

Mikael: Also, on that tour we did a couch thing. At about half of the dates we had friends who we could stay at or old people we had met before, but at half of the shows, our singer Alex just kind of got up on stage or Aron or whoeever asked at our shows; “By the way, we need somewhere to sleep!” and almost every night we had someone that actually offered, we didn’t even have to nag anyone. So lots of crazy things happened from those encounters.

All: (Laughter)

Mikael: Like we got the cops called at us, and a crazy skinhead roommate yelling at us, but she was actually really nice…

Aron: I think we had to get in contact with the Police 4 times on that tour for different reasons.

Mikael: But we never did anything wrong, it was always someone else.

Aron: Someone losing his or her passport or someone breaking into our van, everything.

Are there any upcoming bands on the Swedish Metal Scene that we should know about?

Aron: Eldrimner

Mikael: Eldrimner

Aron: His other band!

Alex: My other band!

Mikael: They sing in Swedish!

Aron: Black Metal, Meshuggah-ish in Swedish.

Mikael: Anyone who wants to hear the greatest up and coming Swedish bands should come to Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg on the 28th (laughs) There we got Age Of Woe, they’re a really cool band, As You Drown, Zombie Krig- that means Zombie War (laughs) they also sing in Swedish…

Alex: And it’s the former Marionette singer who sings in that band…

Mikael: Yeah… and people should listen to Maximum The Hormone, but they’re from Japan.

Is there anything you would like to say to your UK Fans?

Mikael: Move to Sweden!

Aron: Go to the shows!


Aron: You don’t go to the shows enough (bangs table) we need more people coming to our shows – and bring your friends! Also stay sharp!

Mikael: And move to Gothenburg!