Interview with Malay’s Voidnaga


Something murky and dark with some Malay magic and occult essence…

Coming together in 2015 as Thorns of Hate and Impious Blood’s Adlan locked himself away with cosmic horror and the mythological and demonological deities of his homeland, Malaysia’s Voidnaga debut demo, MMXVI, was released on 11 March 2016. Dense, dark and radiating Malay magic, it bodes well for the band. Here, Adlan talks with MR’s Jason Guest about the band, the music, the artwork, and serpents and dragons…

Thank you very much for taking time out for this interview and congratulations onyour debut demo (reviewed here.) Voidnaga came into being in 2015. How long did you have the idea for this band?

For many years, I’ve been thinking to create a project that reflects my ancestor’s magic and mystery. Something that is dear to my heart. Not until mid 2015 I got the chance and time to finally lay down tracks and records some instrument and vocals.

Voidnaga 1Was there a musical vision or concept that you had in mind for Voidnage? And if so, how did you seek to capture that in music?

I just want to play and record some music based on vision and ideas I had inspire by a book about “Malay Magic”. The music was improvised and spontaneous as I always record when I compose.

Who are the band’s main influences? And how have they impacted on the band’s sound?

There are many, I could list down some names but I won’t. All can say I take influence from various form of black/death/doom all over the world.

What does the name Voidnaga mean?

Voidnaga was based from dreams I had. The serpent meditated in a mountain, in a void and transformed into a great naga. Naga also known as a dragon in various culture, but in Malay‘s version is more like a gigantic snake with some magical powers.

Did you have an idea of how you wanted your initial demo to sound, or did each of the four tracks and the whole thing take shape as it was being developed?

Yes, I have some ideas while I started recording. I want something murky and dark with some Malay magic and occult essence.

The promo material says that you became fascinated with the mythological / demonological deities of your homeland. What drew you to them? And what do you find so inspiring about them?

It was in my blood I guess. I always found it interesting when encounter with weird phenomena and strange apparitions. Something very close to me.

Voidnaga 2016 demo

The artwork for the demo is beautiful. Can you tell us about it, what it represents, and how it relates to the music?

Thank you and the credits must go to the artist who paints that artwork. I wanted an artwork which is more abstract and obscure. Mr Alex succeed translate my vision & sound into visual arts.

Who’s the artist? And how much direction did you give him/her in its design?

The artist who was responsible with artwork was Alex Shadrin of Nether Temple Design. I just give him the music, the title and the lyrics for him as inspiration. I give him total artistic freedom to express himself. And I can say that the result was a masterpiece. Great artist!

How did you come to work with Iron Bonehead for the release of the demo?

The initial plan after I’d done the recording of the demo was to do a small DIY release CDR or dub tapes with Xerox cover and spread the demo on my own. I contact IBP for the address to send some promo and possible distribution and attach a link to my Soundcloud account. Patrick seems to like what he hears and we discussed to release the demo instead. It was a great opportunity to work with Iron Bonehead.

Are you working on more material, perhaps an EP or an album? If so, when can we expect to hear it?

Yes, I’ll working on a next material. Can’t say what it will be. But hopefully an album.

Will it be released through Iron Bonehead?

I hope. If the music is good and they want to release it.

What does the act of creating music mean to Voidnaga?

It was and always to express myself. I want to make music that I want to hear.

Are there any plans for live shows?

No, at the moment I’m comfortable to just write and record the music at home. If it was a live show, it will take so much time, money to energy to plan and rehearsal. I don’t have that privilege anymore and I’m always broke. I can’t afford to lose money.

What would be the ideal setting for a performance by Voidnaga?

I don’t know. I never imagine about that.

Is anything happening in the Thorns of Hate and Impious Blood camps?

Thorns of Hate’s progression were slow since I move to a new place, and it was rather far from any members of the band. Like I said earlier, money and time is a problem to me right now. We did gigs a few months ago, and that’s it. But, we are planning to release something this year. In the meantime, Impious Blood will be put to rest, but before its demise I will put out a self finance album as a last memoir. Yeah, I have to rob a bank for that course. It has 30 minutes’ worth of music and I need to write the lyrics and record the vocal. It will be a bit different approach if compare with the debut demo.

Thanks again for taking time out for this interview. Do you have any closing words for our readers?

Thank you for the interest in Voidnaga. Thanks for the support!

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