Interview with LOVEBITES vocalist Asami


Despite the world being in lockdown it’s been a busy time for Japan’s LOVEBITES. In addition to providing the theme tune to the vampire themed anime Vlad Love they also found time to record a new EP Glory, Glory To The World reviewed here. LOVEBITES vocalist Asami found time to catch up with Peter Dennis for a quick chat.

Hi. Please introduce yourself. What’s your role in the band?

Hello, I’m Asami, the vocalist of LOVEBITES.

Today JPU Records will release your new EP Glory, Glory To The World in Europe. What lyrical and musical themes did you draw upon for that EP?

We hadn’t decided a specific theme before production. The thing at the back of our minds was to create something that can exceed our last album ELECTRIC PENTAGRAM. But since starting work on the album, a strong desire to overcome the situations that arose from coronavirus built up in us, and we put that into our work. I think in the end it helped us to create the most positive release in our arsenal so far.

Pic Credit: Kitetsu Takamiya (67531 graphics)

Did the current Covid pandemic influence the writing and recording of the EP?

As the situation continued, creative work became more difficult than ever. Because of that recording and production work was all done individually, while we socially distanced. Then we’d exchange the data and talk about it online.

Lead single ‘Glory To The World’ has an interesting video. Can you tell me about it?

It’s inspired by Church music. The title was also the theme we were working around, so for the music video we aimed to create something full of hope. The lyrics also contain a gospel element, and I think we were able to create a warm kind of atmosphere in the video.

Winds Of Transylvania’ was recently chosen as theme song to anime VLAD LOVE. How did that come about and what makes your songs a fine accompanier to anime?

Since the cast of the story are all female, they were looking for a suitable band to capture the power of the characters. I think they liked that we wore elegant white outfits and played heavy metal, it seemed to create some kind of synergy with the themes of the show. Even though the track was going to be used in anime, they wanted us to create a track in the same manner we usually do, just like our usual heavy metal songs. We were shown a rough version of the anime before its release, and then we set to work based around that image for composition as well as lyrics. One thing the anime company requested was for the song to be about a vampire girl named Mai, and that this song would be her theme song. I’d be so happy if you can enjoy VLADLOVE and Winds of Transylvania again and again.

What are you most proud about Glory, Glory, To The World?

Our motto is that our latest work will always be our strongest. I think we were able to deliver that with this EP.

I understand you have recently played shows in Japan with socially distanced audiences. How did they differ from normal concerts?

The biggest difference is no one being able to call out from the crowd. It was my biggest anxiety about the whole thing! Yet, I believe that our ability to convey emotion to each other became stronger than ever as a result, it seemed like the bond between us and our fans deepened.

What tracks from Glory, Glory, To The World do you enjoy playing live?

We’ve only played ‘Glory to the World’ live so far, but I think ‘No Time to Hesitate’ has the strongest rock feeling to it of all the tracks included, and the lyrics are easy to sing along with. I think it’s going to go down well when we can finally play it live with an audience!

Your UK tour with DragonForce in 2019 was very well received. Do you have any plans to return to Europe soon?

Of course!! When it’s time to go, we’ll definitely return! Please wait until then.

Finally, how do you plan to promote Glory, Glory To The World?

It’s difficult to perform or travel overseas right now, but many people are still discovering us through YouTube and other ways, so I’m happy more and more people can come to know us.

Glory, Glory To The World is released via JPU Records On 28th May 2021